A Local Guide to Free Camping in Newfoundland | out and on the move (2023)

Newfoundland and Labrador is an incredible destination for active adventurers and the perfect place to camp for free. In this free Newfoundland camping guide, we want to share with you all the places you can camp, free camping etiquette, and some helpful resources to make your trip easier.

There are many reasons Newfoundland is the best place for free camping in Canada. The main reason is that much of the island of Newfoundland is classified as crown land/public land, still wild and undeveloped. With small rural communities, a camping culture, and small private holdings, there is plenty of space and not enough people to care who the camps were. Newfoundlands have also retained their rights to access the land for recreational activities, and having a place to wild camp is important.

Wild camping in Newfoundland is the best way to travel this great island on a budget, especially in the high season, July and August. It's okay to camp in tents and trailers anywhere in Crown Land, including gravel pits, except in provincial or national parks, sanctuaries, or private property.

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Best practices for free camping in Newfoundland

  • Stay away from properties marked "private property", "no trespassing" or "no overnight parking".
  • Work outleave no traceso everyone can camp for free
  • be calm and respectful
  • Do not feed wild animals.
  • Leave the room as beautiful or better as you found it.

When it comes to free camping, there is something for everyone. Below you will find all kinds of places where you can camp for free in Newfoundland.

The best resources for free camping

on well-trodden paths

truck stops and rest areas

There are numerous rest areas in Newfoundland. These areas offer free camping for travelers and usually have a few amenities nearby. They can be a bit noisy due to traffic and the occasional stuck truck, but the road is fairly quiet at night due to light traffic and everyone's fear of meeting a moose.This pagehas the full list of truck stops in NL, including their facilities.

Here is a list of some of the best rest stops in Newfoundland:

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Rest area instead of Gambo –Joey's vantage point

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Located off Route 1 (Trans Canada Highway), 2 km west of Route 320, Gambo (48.7591, -54.2348), this scenic lookout offers panoramic views of the city of Gambo and its surroundings. With ample parking, there is room for RVs and vehicles of all sizes.Pictures and comments via inspirock.com.

Location Pin - Directions

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Gander rest area

A gravel parking lot next to the A&W accommodates RVs and vehicles of all sizes. Within walking distance to all amenities this is a great place to spend the night in Gander. Be sure to explore the Gander Aviation Museum (across the street) and hike the local lakefront trails.

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Stopp am Great Deer Lake am Rastplatz Irving

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This place is well lit, very clean and well laid out. Large vehicle parking spaces are at the rear and are thereAccess to toilets, showers, restaurant and bins.Visitor information is on the side so you can collect maps and details for your next stop.

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Rastplatz Steady Brook

You can park in the gravel parking lot in the lower left corner of the picture. stands behind thatTim Hortonsand Georges SKi World and serves as a piste car park for theSteady Brook Falls Wanderweg.Tim Hortons only has one public restroom, and the area tends to get quite crowded. We recommend using the public restrooms at Marble Mountain (when open) or belowCorner Brook Touristeninformationszentrum.

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La Poile Pull Off – Lagerhaus

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The Port Aux Basques rest area is only a place to hang out when it's not windy! If it's windy, just pay the Provincial Park fees and stay insideJT Parque CheesemanInstead of.

The area is nicknamed the "Wreakhouse" as the infamous winds have destroyed homes, blown trains off the tracks and even swept trailers and trailers off the road.

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do walmart

Walmart is a great place to camp overnight. Almost all Walmarts have a large parking lot and allow RVs and RVs to park there for free. Being in the city they are close to all services. Also, they are well lit and have security guards patrolling the parking lot at night. The main downside is that Walmarts are only in major city centers (Corner Brook, Gander, St. John's, etc.)

click hereto see the location of all Walmarts on the island.

Tourist Information Centers

Tourist information centers are a great place to stay / find free campsites in the area. If there are no other signs, it's usually fair to spend the night in the parking lot. While you're there, be sure to ask the center staff for recommendations on good campsites in the area. They likely have maps and other information that can help you plan your trip.

click hereto see all Newfoundland Tourist Information Centers.

City Parks

Small communities often have small parks or playgrounds and few statutes regarding overnight parking or camping. This makes rural community parks a great option for free camping in Newfoundland. If there's no signage, it's fair game and the worst that can happen is someone will ask you to leave.

In larger centers, it is more difficult to camp for free in city parks. These parks may offer a variety of amenities such as playgrounds, barbecue grills, restrooms, and drinking water. However, many counties have strict rules about camping in their parks and evicting campers who are not in a designated campground.

expert advice; Sleep here during the day or take breaks in these places. You won't be kicked out to sleep as long as the park is "open".


A little off the beaten path

Hiking parking lots

If you're looking for free camping in Newfoundland, you've come to the right place at Trailhead Parking. These areas are close to many of the province's hiking trails and offer a quiet, dark place to sleep at night.

Most of these car parks are large enough to accommodate RVs of all sizes, but typically lack services (outbuildings or electricity, etc.). So if you're looking for a free place to stay while you explore and hike Newfoundland, be sure to check out the parking at the trailhead.

If you need help locating the many hundreds of Newfoundland trails, get a copy ofHiking in NewfoundlandI theBackroads Mapbook for NL.


You can use the beach almost everywhere and park your car safely off the street. Many of Newfoundland's rural communities are scattered along the coast. Good parking is usually available near the port/pier or along a random gravel road leading to the beach. We do not recommend trying to drive on the beaches as they are often loose and you are very likely to get stuck. Just park nearby and bring your camping essentials.

our favoriteFree Beach Campground is located in Bellburns, north of Gros Morne National Park. There is a nice little car park and then some camping options depending on the weather and wind. The beach access provides a great spot for a campfire with scraps of wood, while the meadow-lined cliff offers a quiet campground. Snuggle up in the trees when it's windy to protect your tent from direct offshore winds. All of these types of small communities have small access points to the beach, and often all you need to do is bring your tent ashore to find a secluded spot to camp. Just watch out for the tides and the winds!


Campamento Hinterland & Kronland

Off-road camping in Newfoundland requires an off-road vehicle and high altitude, but the views and tranquility are worth it! you will needHiking in NewfoundlandI theBackroad Mapbook de NLto help you find all upstate campgrounds in Newfoundland as there aren't many on iOverlander. You will drive along active or old logging roads to find amazing crownland campsites such as parking lots, gravel pits, exit ramps or end-of-road areas to linger.

In NL many of these 4x4 roads are still active forest roads so always follow the signs, make sure you camp off the road and out of the way of heavy machinery and transport trucks.

And he always packs what he packs! You will see a lot of rubbish on these roads, it's a local problem but don't escalate it. If you're camping with your dog, remember that many hunters clear the woods along these trails, so there are bones that draw wildlife's attention.

Along old forest roads you can often see gravel pits with mobile homes in them. This is a common local practice, but there are a few things to keep in mind when camping in these areas. First of all, these are weekend campgrounds for people, so please be respectful of your campers and the local area. Second, if you plan on driving over the weekend, be aware that it can get noisy: ATVs, dirt bikes, generators, music, etc.

Some of our favorite places are places 30-50km from the highway; Lewis Hills via Cold Brook Road and Serpentine Lake via Logger School Road.

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Get a copy ofand hit the gravel!

Will and I (and everyone we know) camped in Newfoundland for free. It's so easy to find nice spots to pitch a tent or park an RV for the night to get the most out of nature. All we ask is that you leave the place as good or better than you found it and treat the locals (people and animals) with respect as this is their home and you are the visitor. Happy camping!

Where are your favorite free campsites? Share them in the comments below.

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