Delta Comfort Plus vs. Exit Row: Which is Better? (Explained) (2023)

Delta Airline's Comfort Plus and Delta's exit row seat option have their perks. First, I will try to distinguish between the two different seating options and their advantages.

Delta Comfort Plus vs. Exit Row: Which is Better? (Explained) (1)

Sometimes the "best" option depends on the time of day or night you fly, the length of the flight, the type of plane you're flying, etc.

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What is the difference between Delta Comfort Plus and Exit Seats?

Both Delta Comfort Plus seats and emergency exit seats are considered "Delta Preferred" seats and an upgrade fee applies unless it is a Delta Medallion®Member (ie Platinum, Gold, Silver), in which case there is no surcharge.

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The main differences between Delta Comfort Plus and Exit Row seats are as follows: Delta Comfort Plus seats are considered "Upgrades" and are located in the main cabin of the aircraft and offer some extra legroom (up to about 3 inches) as well as upgraded snack service (including complimentary alcoholic beverages) and an overhead locker just for your carry-on luggage.

Some passengers say the extra legroom offered by Delta Comfort Plus isn't very noticeable, but they appreciate the snacks and dedicated overhead bin.

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Exit row seats are just that. You may have noticed that on some flights there are "breaks" in the rows of seats, and at the "front" of a seat break you will see seats just behind the emergency exit doors with a large gap in front. These are 'preferred' seats due to the ample legroom, but not a seat to store your carry-on/personal items in front of you, which requires you to use the overhead bin.

Another disadvantage for some passengers in emergency exit seats is that some of the seats do not recline and are a little narrower than regular Economy Class/Delta Comfort Plus seats and are equipped with bulkheads instead of armrests.

What does a Comfort Plus seat mean on Delta?

In addition to a little more legroom (up to about 3 inches), the upgraded Delta Comfort Plus seats give your travelers their own dedicated luggage space just for carry-on luggage. They also offer an upgraded snack service that includes free drinks and other perks like early boarding, free headphones, pillows and blankets.

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Are Delta Comfort Plus seats worth it?

This depends on your individual preferences. As mentioned, some travelers don't find the extra legroom as noticeable, but take advantage of the upgraded free drinks and snacks, etc. If your flight is longer (or if you fly at night), the added benefits of Delta Comfort Plus may appeal to you.

Which has more legroom: Delta Comfort Plus or Exit Seats?

Legroom in the exit row seats is significantly more than in the regular economy or even Delta Comfort Plus. On the downside, some exit row seats don't recline.

When choosing your seat, be sure to check the seat map. Another downside is that the exit row seats are a little narrower and have seat dividers instead of armrests.

Are exit row seats better on Delta?

Delta's exit row seats are in demand, although in many ways they offer a more comfortable flying experience. They offer a little more legroom (a few meters in some cases). Note that many of the exit row seats do not recline and the seats themselves are often a little narrower. You'll also need to store all your carry-on luggage in one of the overhead bins, as there isn't space directly in front of you to store your belongings below.

Do Delta's exit row seats have more legroom?

Delta's exit row seats have a little more legroom than other seats on the plane, though that comes at a price: narrower seats, many of which don't recline, and there's no seat up front to stow luggage below. . add-ons, so you need to find space in one of the best cabinets.

Do exit row seats recline on Delta?

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In my experience, most of the time Delta's exit row seats DO NOT recline, although this is not always the case. If you're flying Delta in an exit seat, be sure to bring your neck pillow!

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Does Delta charge for emergency exit seats?

Delta Exit Row seats (along with Delta Comfort Plus seats) are considered "preferred" seats by Delta, and both types incur an additional charge unless you are a Delta Medallion member. Depending on where you're flying, how long your flight is and what time of day (or night) you're flying, if you're not a Medallion member, you may find it worth the extra cost.

Is it worth paying for Delta seats in the exit row?

As already mentioned, it all depends on your individual comfort when flying. If you're not a Delta Medallion member, you may or may not find it worth the extra legroom offered by Delta's exit row seats. When flying Delta Economy, there's a chance that you'll be seated next to a larger passenger whose size encroaches on your seat, or that you'll find yourself next to a crying baby.

If you're on a long flight or need to sleep during the flight, the additional fee (or Delta Medallion membership cost) may be worth it. On overnight flights, many Delta passengers prefer Delta Comfort Plus because of the slightly extra legroom (up to 3 inches more), dedicated headroom, and other perks like a pillow, blanket, headphones, and complimentary snack service. .

Note that exit row seats are often narrow and many do not recline. You also need to find space for ALL your carry-on bags in the overhead bin as there is no space directly in front of you to store them.

There you have it: output queue vs. comfort plus seats

Delta's exit row seats definitely offer a lot more legroom, but with narrower seats, some of which don't recline, and no front seat to store carry-ons underneath.

Delta Comfort Plus seats offer a little more legroom, a dedicated overhead bin for your carry-on luggage, a blanket, pillow, earplugs, and complimentary snack service (including complimentary beverages).

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Comfort Plus seats are generally considered better by many Delta passengers for overnight flights. There is an additional fee for Delta passengers who are not Delta Medallion members, but in many cases the benefits are well worth it.

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