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The perfect combination of workplace and living space

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Say hello to Pole Barn House

Enjoy more options with a post barn residential home

A residential pole home is the ideal alternative to a traditional log home when you want to combine a living space with a multipurpose toy shed, workshop or oversized garage for boats, RVs and more. The unique building type allows:

  • Greater flexibility of floor plans
  • more spacious interiors
  • Easy construction of extra high walls

Shop House vs. Pole Barn Home: Is There a Difference?

"Shophouse" may roll off the tongue more easily than "Poland barn", but they are basically the same thing. On this page, we generally use the term barn on stilts, but you might think of an office building and a barn on stilts as the same thing.

  • Types of barn houses
  • Post barn house interiors
  • Pole Barn Home Free Plans

Types of barn houses

Barn-style homes can be designed and built for a variety of uses, such as a year-round residence, guest house, or weekend home.

Additionally, barn homes open up the opportunity to incorporate your hobbies and interests into one structure. A common option is a shouse, also known as a shophouse, which combines a workshop and/or large personal storage area with a living space.

More specialized options include equestrian facilities, which combine a riding arena, stable and personal residence.

look at ourGalleryto see different types of barns on stilts.

Country house style with extra garage space

artisan style

Lake House style commercial home

big store house

log cabin style

Modern style

of many floors

several sheets

Pole Barn Home with Large Hanging Porch

Commercial home with ample parking space

Shophouse com cantilever

Single wing with garage

Post barn house interiors

Unlike traditional wood frame homes, barn homes are built using post structures that do not require interior load-bearing walls. This can create amazing options for your indoor spaces along with outdoor decks, patios and porch areas.

The photos say it best. Take a look at our post barn interior design gallery.

rail car storage


breakfast bar

Living room

kitchen and workplace

kitchen with island

Living room

master bed and bath

master suite

modern interiors

modern style kitchen

kitchen and dining room

living room and kitchen

living room and kitchen

cantilevered porch


rustic kitchen

Commercial space and garage

store area

up there

vaulted ceiling and staircase

Vaulted ceiling and window wall


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Pole Barn Home Free Plans

What is your vision for your barn home? A good place to start is with our free house plans on stilts. This is a great example of how barn homes can work for a variety of needs and budgets.

To download these plans and choose from our other designs, visit ourResidential Plans Page.

The advantages of a barn house over a traditional house

There are many reasons to choose a barn home over a conventionally built wood-frame home. If you identify your needs or desires, a barn home may be right for you.

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(Video) Pole Barn v/s Steel Building your dream shop or barndominium explained

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Consolidated structures

With a single building, construction costs go down and with them your taxes. By combining structures, you can reduce taxable square footage.

Faster build time

Building a Polish barn involves fewer overhead components than a traditional home. Also, most components used in stilts arrive at the project site prefabricated and ready to be installed. These factors can significantly reduce construction time.

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Best base options

There are several options for stilt foundations, but let's focus on one type that is unique to stilts: floor joists. The posts, whether treated wood or concrete, are sunk 4 to 6 feet into the ground. A concrete slab is then poured around them. This slab costs a fraction of the cost of a continuous foundation usually required for bar frame construction.

Better adaptability to site/soil conditions

Post barn framing systems can be designed to withstand different wall to ground pressures from both the inside and outside of the building wall. This can be accomplished without the extensive excavation costs and expensive concrete foundation system required for stud frame walls.

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A more flexible, barrier-free design

Don't let load-bearing interior walls limit your dream home! The wide beams of a barn and the resulting wide open spaces expand the possibilities of what you can do with the interior space.

Extra tall walls and extra large window openings

The larger components in a post-frame building make it much easier to erect walls higher than with frame structures. And the pillars used in posted barns can be eight feet or more in the center, a fact that makes building extra-large window openings much easier and cheaper.

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Easier additions on the go

The ability to expand your space economically creates greater longevity for your building. Options such as large overhangs and even taller additions are easier to erect from the rafters of a barn than the rafter walls of a wood-frame building.

exceptional durability

Post frame construction for post barn houses uses larger components in their structures. And the larger the component, the longer the service life.

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vaulted ceilings

High ceilings are a more affordable option in a post barn home. They create space and can transform your barn interior into a home.Experience.

More insulation, less thermal breakage

A post frame building typically has columns spaced 8 to 10 feet apart instead of the traditional 1 ½ to 2 feet with bar frame stud wall systems. Those few wall obstacles mean more room for insulation and less chance of cold penetrating the wall.

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Automatically save and display

Your barn is great for parking and storing a variety of cars, and you can make it spacious enough for a lane.

Large toy shed

Say goodbye to cramped vehicles and treat yourself to a super spacious toy shed or garage.

suburban quarter

let's start

Let us connect you with a construction company in your area!

find a builder

  • Understand post barn costs
  • Design your own barn house
  • How to Properly Build Your Post Barn Home

Understand post barn costs

Financing a barn home may not be exactly like financing a traditional home. This is largely because most lenders are much more familiar with financing conventionally built homes.

However, as barn homes become more common, more and more lenders are understanding the nuances and benefits of barn homes. As a result, they are now more open to funding them.

What you can do? First, find the right type of lender. Wick recommends that you contact the listed funding organizationsHere.

To calculate the cost of a log house, you need to consider several factors, including the following:

(Video) Why are we Building a Pole Barn Home and What is it Exactly?

Think of the actual uses for your barn house. Should it be a year-round apartment? A simple guest house? Maybe a weekend trip home?

Could you benefit from combining separate structures, such as a commercial building that combines a workshop or storage shed with a house or living room? If yes, how many square meters are needed for this?

The various guidelines you must follow and the restrictions you must adhere to can play a significant role in your initial construction costs as well as your ongoing costs.

It's also important to remember that legally you can't necessarily build whatever you want. However, with a good plan and an experienced construction partner, you can usually get what you want.

The physical location of your barn home can affect utilities, landscaping, aesthetic options, and more, all of which affect your total cost.

And don't forget access. Is your barn on an existing home lot with pre-existing access? Otherwise, it means additional costs for leveling in a driveway.

A barn is a living space like any type of house. Prices vary, of course, depending on the features you choose.

Prioritize your desires. For example: Upper kitchen? Multiple bathrooms? Ample workshop and/or storage space? porch overhangs?

Designing and building a barn home is no easy task, and everyone has different schedules, skills, and budgets. If you're considering having a barn post at home, understand that you don't have to do it alone.

If you prefer to work with an expert, be sure to click on them.Find your builderLink and we'll put you in touch with a barn builder near you.

Start with a qualified and experienced barn builder. With over 65 years of construction experience, Wick builds buildings using smart, proven techniques to ensure customers enjoy a barn that is safe, energy efficient and long lasting.

In addition, we use materials of exceptional quality, offering you the opportunity to create a log house that meets your functional and aesthetic needs.

We only use graded or machine graded wood for all components. This allows us to understand the strength of each structural element in the house as we design the building.

Wick Rod Barn Houses include full hard outer steel with a hardness of 80,000 PSI or better. This results in less dents. Our steel is also coated with G-90 zinc for better corrosion protection and our paint is guaranteed for 40 years against chipping or cracking. (See below for more information on color options.) Would you like a different finish to the exterior, e.g. B. a stone panel or an entire wall? We can do that too.

Wick has a range of energy efficient and durable windows and doors. These products incorporate a state-of-the-art glass cladding system for energy efficiency and are available in vinyl cladding and aluminum frame options.

(Video) Pole Barn House Plans And Prices

Better weather resistance for your barn home means less chance of moisture, rot, mildew and structural failure. Wick uses proprietary Kimberly-Clark BLOCK-IT® House Wrap construction technology that creates a breathable barrier that keeps out water. You get premium protection that's also affordable.

Expanding your color options gives you a better chance of finding the color that's right for you. Wick recently added Copper, Modern Red, Wood Gray and Matte Textured Black to our long list of popular colors.

Pole Barn Home Builder Locations

Wick offers barn home building services in:

Find out more about Pole Barn Homes and Shops | wick building (23)

Indiana, Iowa
michigan minnesota
Missouri Nebraska
North Dakota, Ohio
oklahoma dakota do sul
Wisconsin, Wyoming

common questions

A stilt house is a single-family dwelling with a rear structure. Builders use highly engineered prefabricated glulam posts or columns, trusses and other components that arrive on site ready to be assembled. While a continuous foundation is not required, a barn can be built on ice walls, a concrete slab, or a basement.

Yes. A barn-style house does not require a continuous foundation such as a log. B. a basement. However, it is definitely possible to have a basement under a barn if desired.

You have as many options for furnishing a barn home as you would a traditional home. In fact, because of the way a post barn home is built, you have more flexibility in designing your floor plan.

Post barn home builders usually specialize in what is known as post frame construction. Founded in 1954, Wick Buildings is one of the nation's largest manufacturers of post structures, including post houses, for a variety of uses and budgets.

Several factors can make a pole home less expensive than a traditional home. This can include shorter construction times, lower excavation costs and less site preparation. However, it is always advisable to calculate the cost of the entire project before making any cost assumptions.

Through our own builders and our network of builders, Wick Buildings builds barns across a 16-state area.find a builderNear to you!.

"I chose Wick because I looked at all the features and prices and I don't think I sacrificed quality and got the best value possible."

(Video) Insulation: 5 steps to a more efficient building and why I don't use spray foam

-Jamie B., Fairbank, IA


How much does a 40x60 stick-built shop cost? ›

How Much Does a 40x60 Pole Barn Cost? A standard 40 x 60 pole building shell can cost anywhere from $35 to $50 per square foot (for the building shell only).

What is the life expectancy of a pole barn house? ›

Many builders and experts cite 40-60 years to be on the safe side, but if the owner of a pole barn keeps up with all of the necessary structural upkeep, the building will likely outlast the 40-60 year pole barn lifespan.

Are pole barn homes cheaper to build? ›

With pole barns becoming popular in the home-building industry, many people wonder if they are more cost-efficient than stick-built custom homes. Pole buildings typically cost less per square foot, but there are other factors that will contribute to the cost of your custom barndominium.

Are pole barn homes a good investment? ›

Many homeowners find that their pole barn can add $10,000 or more to their home property value. Often, the value can be 50-80% of the cost of the barn itself, making it one of the best return-on-investments you can make for your property!

How much is concrete for a 40x60? ›

Concrete Slab Installation Cost Estimate
Average Cost (24x24)$3,460
Highest Cost (40x60)$14,400
Lowest Cost (10x10)$600
Jul 25, 2022

Are Barndominiums cheaper than stick built? ›

Is It Cheaper to Build a House or Barndominium? It depends. The average cost of a barndominium in Texas is $70 to $95 a square foot to build vs. the cost of a house is around $115 - $145 per square foot.

What are the negatives of a pole barn house? ›

Drawback: Durability

Additionally, pole barns are more susceptible to fire damage than traditional homes. This is because the materials used to construct them are often more flammable. If you live in an area that is at risk for wildfires, you may want to consider another type of construction for your home.

How to heat a pole barn cheap? ›

Wood and pellet stoves are a fairly cheap and easy way to heat a pole barn. If you have excess wood to burn, running a wood fired stove may be the lowest cost way to heat your pole barn through the winter.

What is a good size pole barn for a house? ›

The most common sizes we get asked for are a 30′ x 40′ pole barn, 40′ x 60′ pole barn, or a 40′ x 40′ pole barn. It is important to keep it mind that it is typically most cost-effective to build in 8-, 9- or 10-feet increments because of the standard spacing options for pole barn posts.

Can pole barn homes have basements? ›

Our concrete crew says: the answer is yes

Pole barns are not designed for basements, so adding one can be costly, but with the continuing innovation in the industry the price is steadily decreasing. You can have a full, partial, or walk-out basement.

What is a pole barn house called? ›

What is a Barndominium? A barndominium is a multi-purpose metal or wood building that contains living quarters. A lot of them are built using the basic shell of a pole barn (Post Frame). It is an affordable, energy-efficient, and low-maintenance solution for residential living.

What is the most cost-effective pole barn size? ›

Any pole building with 12 foot post spacing is going to be the most efficient to build. At the same time, the width of a building affects the price because of the trusses. This means that a building that is about 20 X 36 is going to be the most cost-effective size.

Which is stronger pole barn or metal building? ›

Higher Durability

Pole barns use wood poles and other framing materials, while metal buildings use materials like steel. Even though the shell of a pole barn is often metal sheeting, the wooden structural elements are less durable and present a costly problem for the future—rot.

What is better a pole barn or metal building? ›

Long-time Benefits of a Steel Barn Building over a Pole Barn

At best, pole barns may only last 15-20 years with expensive maintenance. A RHINO steel building will last decades longer than a pole barn.

How thick should a concrete slab be for a Barndominium? ›

Slab Thickness

Your floor should be a minimum of 4″ thick. The concrete's strength should be a minimum of 2500 psi, with fiber mesh reinforcement added at the batch plant OR #3 rebar on 24” centers.

How much does it cost to pour a concrete floor in a pole barn? ›

The price range for a standard concrete floor is about $5.25-$7.40 per square foot. In turn, you could purchase a concrete floor for the same 24 x 36 foot building mentioned above for between $3,762 and $5,400.

Is concrete cheaper than steel? ›

Steel is cheaper than concrete and faster to erect, but comes with a longer lead time. Due to its lower fire resistance, insurance premiums for steel structures tend to be higher.

What are the negatives of Barndominiums? ›

A barndominium is not a conventional home, so while they are gaining popularity, they do not appeal to the mass market. Since they are a niche market with a floor plan that is customized to each owner's specifications, it may be difficult to sell in the future if you decide to do so.

What is the cheapest style of house to build? ›

Ranch Homes

A home with a simple and concise layout is the cheapest type of house to build. Ranch homes are typically single-story structures with attached garages. They're easy to find construction plans for and highly customizable, so you can find a home that fits your needs and budget.

Are Barndominiums good in cold weather? ›

The bottom line is that barndominiums are more than suitable for cold climates. A barndominium is likely to provide more energy-efficient housing compared to traditional homes.

What is the difference between a stick-built home and a pole barn home? ›

Stick building is a method in which a structure is assembled on-site from individual pieces of lumber. This allows the builders to create a unique design for each building and to correct any problems they encounter during construction. A pole barn is made from materials pre-cut at a factory.

How are pole barn homes insulated? ›

Fiberglass. Blanket Insulation provides a cost effective way to insulate a pole building, by reducing the load required to heat and cool the space. Home Comfort uses Owen's Corning unfaced fiberglass blankets covered with visqueen as a vapor retarder.

How do you keep pole barns from rotting? ›

Keeping water away from your pole barn posts is the most effective way to prevent rot. While preparing the site for your pole barn, take care in grading the soil away from your barn to discourage water from pooling around your pole barn posts.

What kind of floor goes in a pole barn? ›

Concrete flooring is one of the most popular flooring options for pole barns. Owners will notice less dust and moisture in their pole barns with this flooring. Concrete makes a great base for keeping your floor level, clean, and easy to remove any new dirt or debris.

Do pole barn homes need footings? ›

Soil is not usually able to resist applied vertical loads through a post alone. Pole barn posts should therefore be set on footings to provide additional support. Footings must be large enough in area to prevent the pole barn from settling under the weight of the building, snow, and minimum live load requirements.

Do I need a vapor barrier in my pole barn walls? ›

The warm, humid air inside your building can cause condensation to form on cooler, drier surfaces. This is called vapor transmission and can lead to severe damage if it is allowed to build over time. Vapor transmission can move from interior to exterior and vice versa, so you need to protect all areas of your home.

How do you winterize a pole barn? ›

How to Winterize Your Agricultural Pole Barn Properly
  1. Check stalls and pens for safety hazards. ...
  2. Check the ventilation. ...
  3. Install stall mats. ...
  4. Utilize automatic waterers. ...
  5. Ensure that you have enough bedding. ...
  6. Stock up on hay. ...
  7. Clean the barn to reduce fire hazards. ...
  8. Check the lights.
Nov 30, 2016

How do you keep a pole barn warm in the winter? ›

The 3 Best Ways to Heat A Pole Barn
  1. Furnaces. Furnaces create heat by burning fuel, usually natural gas or propane. ...
  2. Heat Pumps. A more energy-efficient alternative to a furnace is a heat pump. ...
  3. Radiant Heating Systems.
Dec 18, 2018

Should you vent a pole barn? ›

Pole barns are an increasingly popular option as affordable, scalable post-frame structures. They can be installed much more quickly than traditional wood outbuildings and they're not just for use as agricultural barns. But just as traditional barns need to be ventilated, so do pole barns.

How thick should a pole barn floor be? ›

If the site is well drained and has good compacted fill, a 4 inch thick slab should be sufficient. You should construct your pole barn as soon as possible after the poles are set so they do not warp or twist.

What is the most popular pole barn sizes? ›

The most common pole barn size is 30×40. This is the most common overall size. It differs from residential to commercial. The most common residential pole barn size is 24×24.

How far apart are trusses on pole barn house? ›

Pole barn construction spaces the trusses 8 feet apart - or even up to 12 feet apart depending on the building design. With traditional stick-frame construction, the trusses are usually spaced 2 feet apart.

What are the pros and cons of a pole barn house? ›

Pros and Cons of a Pole Building
UsabilityMost UseableLeast Useable
InsulationEasier to InsulateMost Difficult to Insulate
Finished InteriorEasier to FinishMost Difficult to Finish
Clear SpansNot as WideWidest
FoundationWood PolesConcrete Piers
8 more rows

Can you pour concrete in a pole barn? ›

By having a concrete floor already in place at the site of your pole barn build, you create an additional step in the process. Instead of digging into the earth, the team will first need to cut into the slab, which will cost more time and money for your project.

What type of siding is on a pole barn? ›

The two most common types of siding for pole barns are galvanized steel and Galvalume. Galvalume is an alloy that consists of 45 percent zinc and 55 percent aluminum. It looks similar to galvanized steel, but the crystals it consists of are smaller and closer together, which makes it appear smoother.

What are the different types of pole barn houses? ›

The 4 Styles of Pole Buildings

When talking about the styles of pole buildings, we can really narrow it down into four categories: gable, gambrel, monitor, and buildings with leans. The easiest way to tell which style of building you're dealing with is generally to take a look at the roof.

How big is a 40x60 Barndominium? ›

40×60 Barndominium Metal Building – 2,400 Square Foot of Customizable Space. Our 40×60 barndominium steel buildings provide 2,400 square feet of interior space that can be customized to your specifications.

How much does a 40x60 steel building cost? ›

Understanding the Cost of a 40×60 Steel Building

Steel buildings are priced by square feet. In 2022, the cost of steel per square foot ranges from $25-30 per square foot for non-complex designs. Since a 40×60 steel building has a total of 2,400 sq ft, the price of your building kit can range from $60,000-72,000.

Which is cheaper metal building or stick built? ›

The Overall Cost

Of these three types of buildings, conventional stick structures are the most expensive because of the foundation needs and the labor-intensive construction process. The second-most expensive option is a steel building, due in part to the fact that it also requires more excavation.

Is a stick built garage cheaper than a pole barn? ›

Pole barn garages are typically less expensive to build than other garage types. The main reason for lower cost is because there is no need to grade the surface or lay a concrete foundation. In addition, pole barn construction is a considerably faster process with pre-cut materials, cutting down on overall labor costs.

Are pole buildings cheaper than stick built? ›

Building a pole barn can cost significantly less than constructing a stick-built structure. The foundation usually makes up over 15 percent of the cost of constructing a single-story building. A pole barn uses posts buried in the ground to support the weight of the walls and the roof.

How big is a 40x60 shop? ›

With 2,400 square feet of space, our 40×60 sized buildings offer plenty of room to work with. One of our most popular sizes, these buildings are a great option for commercial metal garages, small business office spaces, or retail spaces with multiple framed opening options – including roll-up doors.

Which is better pole barn or metal building? ›

Higher Value

Customizable metal buildings are generally less expensive to build than a wooden pole barn, but that doesn't mean they are of lesser value. A stronger foundation, higher quality materials, and less required maintenance over the life of the metal building will save you money on all fronts.

What is the cheapest building method? ›

The cheapest way to build a home is to design a simple box. Sticking to a square or rectangular floor plan makes the building and design simple. Generally speaking, building up is cheaper than building a sprawling one-story home, so you may want to consider planning for a multiple-story home if you need more space.

What is the cheapest structure to build? ›

1. Shipping Container Home. The cheapest type of house to build in 2022 is a shipping container one. Living in a shipping container may not sound like the ideal situation on the surface, but shipping container homes have become more popular in recent years.

What is the most cost-effective material to build a house? ›

Concrete sheets

They're just as easy to install and save time and money from labor costs, on-site framing and pouring, and help to avoid weather delays. Concrete is an affordable option that's secure, fireproof, insulating, and weatherproof.


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