Glamping guide: camping for those who love comfort and excellent outdoor conditions (2023)

Do you love spending time outdoors, but also love the comfort of creatures? Camping may be the answer.

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Interest in camping has skyrocketed during the pandemic and is at an all-time high, but let's face it, camping isn't necessarily for everyone. It's true that camping allows you to get out and commune with nature, it's quiet, serene and conducive to meditation, but honestly, sometimes it just isn't comfortable. And this is where glamping comes in. What exactly is glamping? A bit likeglampingIt's outdoors and fun. It's basically the best of both worlds, and according to a recent KOA survey, 40% of vacationers want to go on a glamping trip. It is also the perfect campsite for beginners.

I camped out of a small backcountry pickup truck in North Dakota, outside a string of log cabins in New York's Catskill Mountains, teepees in Utah and Mexico, Jordan canvas tents and caves, and everything in between. It was an exciting experience for me and my goal is to explain why you should try glamping.

What is glamping?

The definition of glamping starts from its essencecompound words, a word formed by combining the spelling or meaning of two or more words. In this case, the wordcampingis mixedlindoIcamping, suggesting a more luxurious version of traditional camping. However, the meaning of glamping itself is open to interpretation, as there is no single style of glamping.

As with traditional camping, there are a variety of glamping experiences, levels of luxury, and extras. For example, glamping could consist of a simple tent in the wilderness and a basic bed, or it could be a cute tree house in the woods. Instead of bringing your own tents, sleeping bags, mattresses, blankets and other camping items, glamping just come and enjoy the experience. At many campgrounds, you don't need to carry firewood to build a campfire, but the campfire is already roaring when you arrive, so you can head downstairs and enjoy campfire stories. And yes, most glamping options offer some type of bathroom (more on that below).

There are chains of glamping "hotels" likeunder the canvas, with 12 locations inpopular national parksThroughout the US, as well as independent glamping spots that can be booked through apps likehip hop campIto camp.

history of glamping

AccordingAmerican Camping Association, an organization dedicated to supporting glamping businesses, termcampingFirst used in the UK in the early 2000s when young families were looking for more affordable luxury holidays. Glamping sprang up all over the UK and soon followed in the US and other parts of the world. In 2010,camping in the national parkExpanded in the US with several glamping options.

According to the word Oxford English Dictionary (OED)campingwas first recorded inprotector2005, but was officially listed only in 2016. currentcampingThe definition in the OED reads: "A form of camping that includes more luxurious accommodations and facilities than those associated with traditional camping.

types of glamping

Just as there are a wide variety of camping and camping options, there is a wide variety when it comes to glamping setups. Amenities vary greatly from one glamping site to another, but you can count on all the basics like beds, blankets, sinks, and toilets. In some very rural or remote locations, the bathroom may be outside the tent or tent, but in most cases it will be inside the structure.

Some glamping camps may have a small food preparation area and basic cooking equipment, while others may have extensive cooking or dining facilities on site. The most luxurious glamping sites may even have hot tubs, saunas and hot showers. They may also offer activities such as tours, cooking classes, and ATV tours, which may or may not be included in the price. If a specific facility or event is important to you, please contact the business owner in advance to confirm availability.

The different types of glamping accommodation are listed below, but you can find more inspiration here.aventura glamping.

  • grass:Originally from Mongolia and Central Asia and used by nomadic peoples, the tent is now one of the most common forms of camping.
  • carp:Unlike thinner tents, tents tend to be much larger and are made of heavier, stronger materials such as tarp.
  • Slim/Store:These Native American-inspired triangular structures are typically made of canvas, and unlike other forms of glamping, often have bathrooms outside of the structure.
  • Wagons and huts of shepherds:Here are some of the most unique glamping options, with rustic covered carriages and log cabins with just a bunk bed. The toilets are usually outside the car.
  • geodesic dome:Futuristic domes can be made of various materials, but all offer great views of nature through large plastic or glass windows.
  • I go to hotel:Luxury cabins and vacation homes may feel more like traditional B&Bs than campgrounds, but they are often set in stunning natural surroundings and offer unique access to the surroundings.
  • Cabins and villas:This category refers to a variety of options that can range from luxury glamping cabins over the water in the Maldives to basic bungalows along rivers in remote parts of Vietnam.
  • cabin:Glamping cabins on hard-to-reach mountain peaks offer rustic comfort and ultimate elegance.
  • Cubes and pods:This is another extremely diverse category that can range from eco-cubes outside a Scottish national park to jungle pods equipped with pools in Cambodia.
  • Airflow and trailers:back to the glory daystravel by carMany glamping campsites now come with classic Airstreams and trailers that are fully equipped and ready to go.
  • Barns and Cottages:Rustic options like barns and farmhouses range from classic, quaint to stately.
  • a tree house:As the name suggests,camping in the tree houseIt consists of resting in the trees. In some cases, the structure is built in and around the trees, but in others it looks more like a raised cabin surrounded by trees.
  • Other unique options:Some glamping options just don't fit into any other category because they are so unique. These can be ice caves or glamping in old train cars, buses or planes.

Reserva tu camping

Why go camping?

Glamping options are so diverse that this style of resort can appeal to avid vacationers as well as hesitant lovers of urban extravagance. Personally, I like the so-called hard camping (usuallyfree camping), where you have to hike miles in the wilderness with a backpack full of supplies, and it's inexpensive. That said, I also enjoy camping because it's more comfortable and I have more time to relax. Thanks to camping, I can spend more time enjoying my surroundings instead of setting up and setting up tents, building fires, filtering water, etc. I also like the fact that I can show up in the car with whatever I want instead of struggling to pack everything up. I need a small backpack and I'm worried I won't have enough space for everything.

If you didn't like the idea, here are some of the key benefits of glamping.

  • pack less:Because glamping operators offer so much, there's a lot less to pack, making glamping a simpler vacation.
  • Tap water:While not guaranteed to be available at all campsites, most usually are, although in more rural locations the water source may be right next to your personal accommodation.
  • warm:Glamping tents, yurts, yurts, and cabins are usually better insulated than regular tents, so you don't have to worry about the cold coming in. Many stores also have wood stoves for warmth on cold nights.
  • real bathroom:Most glamping camps offer modern bathrooms with sinks, toilets, and showers, which in many cases are located directly in the tent or cabin, so you don't have to go out on errands.
  • real bed:One of the most difficult aspects of camping is getting a good night's sleep on a thin sleeping mat or camping mattress. Thanks to glamping, you can sleep in a real bed, to face the adventures of the day refreshed.
  • Waterproof housing:Unlike leaky tents, glamping lodges are often waterproof (and some are snowproof) so you can stay dry, warm, and comfortable whatever the weather.

Now that you know about glamping, read on to find out.The best motorhome parksIhiking routein any condition.


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