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There are many architectural options and styles for building steel frame homes or cabins. There are also many factors to consider when deciding who will build your next home. Morton homes are ideal for open floor plans, storage and hobby needs, and customization with a variety of porch options. Your Morton home was built by our teamhighest quality materialand for oursIndustry Leading Warranty。​

My Morton is my country getaway. I like the way Morton works. The sales consultant was very helpful with planning the space and placing the rooms to keep the house flowing. The Morton team showed great professionalism, they came, finished the job, cleaned up the construction site and got the house ready to be finished by the subcontractor... I am very, very happy with my house. It turned out better than I expected. It is a very well built house. If you wanted to build another building, you would have no problem choosing Morton.
- Claudia, Oklahoma

Our residential products include Certified Building Designs, Site Preparation, Structural Concrete Foundations, Wall, Window and Door Insulation, providing a high quality, lockable, insulated building envelope, built entirely on your property and ready to use. Available to do as you like.

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Houses and chalets with metallic structure | Morton Log Homes (1)


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Our most popular Morton home styles! This one story home offers an open layout and floor plan.detached garage, comeattached garage, comeaffiliate storeThe style that suits you best.

Houses and chalets with metallic structure | Morton Log Homes (2)


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Looking for your home away from home? Whether it's a lakeside getaway, off-road game, or country getaway, Morton Lodge has it all.

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The big store where your house is located = Shouse. The ultimate work space as well as a living space you can call home or go out.

  • How is the Morton House or Cabin different from a traditional wood frame house?

    Instead of traditional bar house construction, Morton Construction uses a method known as post and frame construction. Traditional wood built homes tend to have multiple corners, multiple levels, vinyl/brick siding, and internal load-bearing walls. The Morton wood frame house is a wood structural building, often in a simpler configuration, with a steel roof and siding.

  • Why choose a Morton Post Frame Home?

    Choosing Morton posts for your permanent home or cabin has several advantages:

    • A bright light building.The frame construction method of our metal frame homes eliminates internal load-bearing walls. The result is a truly open interior space that you can maximize, customize and finish to your needs and design preferences. From convertible single-family homes to steel cabins providing maintenance-affordable vacation homes for you and your family, Morton Buildings builds homes to fit your specific needs and walkA clear advantage of this model of house.
    • Designed for storage and hobby needs.The post frame design allows you to free up space for additional storage and hobby needs such as an RV, boat, garden equipment, or a hobby shop.
    • A wide range of terrace options.Choose from sloped, gable, hip, wraparound, dutch, open, exposed beams and more to add curb appeal and make your home stand out from the crowd.
    • Support for lifting heavy objects.Our housing packages include certified construction design, construction site preparation, as well as structural concrete foundations, wall, window and door insulation. This high-quality, lockable, insulated building envelope can be finished as desired.
    • energy efficiency.we offer exclusiveEnergy Performer® Insulation Pack, with an R-value that far exceeds other traditional home insulation methods.
    • The exterior is virtually maintenance free.Take advantage of our exclusiveBecame Hi-Rib™in a multifaceted aestheticpaint colorProvides virtually zero roof or siding maintenance for years to come.
    • Unmatched build reliability.Take advantage of the unique guarantee in the metallic construction of houses and metallic construction of cabins. All Morton buildings are backed by the strongest, non-provided, non-transferable warranty.
  • What is the difference in energy efficiency of a house or cabin in Morton?

    Morton homeowners not only appreciate the home's aesthetics and flexibility, they are also impressed by the performance of Morton's metal barn. Imagine year-round savings on heating and cooling costs. That's exactly what Morton's owners discovered. Thanks to our exclusive Energy Performer® insulation system, your building will be well insulated and comfortable all season long. The Energy Performer system combines excellent wall and ceiling insulation with effective ventilation to create a comfortable and economical environment. How is this different from building a stick?Find out more here

  • Do Morton houses cost much less than frame houses?

    The cost of each house is a function.quality of materialsUsage condition, interior finish level, and construction qualifications. Typically, the cost to finish a Morton house is comparable to the cost of a stick-built house. Here are a few reasons a Morton home or cabin is a great choice:

    • Morton's unique style.Your unique Morton home or cabin will stand out from the crowd. A definite talking point. With careful planning, you can make your Morton home or cabin complement the other Morton buildings on your property.
    • Designed to adapt to your lifestyle and future needs.Morton homes and cabins are designed to accommodate today's lifestyles (ie entertainment, storage, hobbies) and future needs (ie age in place).
    • Blank inner canvas for DIYers.Our lockable insulated enclosures are perfect for a few people to decorate their home or cabin however they want and at their own pace.
    • Save money as a general contractor.Some clients act as general contractors for all interior finishes, while Morton provides the insulating siding and handles the rest. This option can save you up to 20% on your total finishing costs, making it an attractive option.
  • How is the process of building a house or cabin different in Morton?

    It's worth noting that the planning process for a house or cabin in Morton can differ from traditional wood construction. Getting the right financing and preparing the construction site are the most important first steps.

    1. Eligibility for post-construction home construction loans, if financed
    2. Determine land purchase, associated costs, specific code requirements, and site preparation needs (i.e., septic, electricity, access, etc.)
    3. Determine how you plan to complete the lockable insulated enclosure, either with a general contractor or by doing the interior finishing yourself, and determine the cost of finishing.
    4. Establish floor plan preferences with your Morton sales consultant to determine outside design costs.
    5. Get final approval from the bank after determining the final cost of the project.
    6. View plans, sign contracts and obtain necessary building permits
    7. Start building a high-quality lockable insulated residential compound
    8. Now you have a blank canvas to decorate your house or chalet.
  • How much does a house or cabin cost in Morton?

    Because every Morton home is unique, there is no single cost estimate for a Morton steel frame home or cabin. Additionally, costs may vary depending on local requirements (ie snow load, wind load), site conditions (ie space for our equipment, soil characteristics), location (ie additional transportation costs and other factors (ie local taxes, local wage levels).

    We encourage you to choose one to begin your journey with Morton.sample roomlubricantcabinfrom a range of options. Thesemodel building projectIt features a streamlined open-plan layout, popular architectural features, and a great starting point for value pricing. This will help you evaluate and determine if Morton is right for your project. You'll then be able to work with a local sales consultant to tailor the design and functionality to your specific needs.

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