It's good news, but bad news for the Eagles heading to the Super Bowl (2023)

PHILADELPHIA - AdlerCoaches, players, office managers and supervisors celebrated their31-7 winon the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship Game in the locker room at Lincoln Financial Field Sunday night: As players donned their conference championship jerseys and caps, smoke from the winner's cigars rose into the air.

The Eagles, who have a chance to win their second NFL championship in the last five years, face the Kansas City Chiefs and former Eagles head coach Andy Reid.Superbowl LVIIFebruary 12th. But this final game of the storybook season brings with it some troubling thoughts.

Good news: Eagles still have two first-round picks

Even if they win the Super Bowl, the Eagles will have two first-round picks and four top-100 picks in the April draft. General managerHowie Rosemann— who deftly crafted this roster with a mix of veterans and youngsters — could turn these first-rounders into new talent for NFC champions... or trade them for more draft picks. In short, the rich get richer. Most Super Bowl teams don't have high draft picks in their pockets.

Bad news: these picks will replace a lot of free agents.

Don't get too attached to this season's heroes. Afterthat's right, the Eagles have 18 players who will be free agents next season, including eight defensive starters. The team will sign some but most, like cornerback James Bradberry and mid-season signings.jose linvaljNdamukong Suh- To be continued. Some may retire. The Eagles, who need room for a salary cap to sign quarterback Jalen Hurts to a long-term deal, will use lucrative, player-friendly draft contracts.

Good news:jalen hurtsis a franchise quarterback

A surprise second-round pick in 2020, Hurts has developed into a dual-threat quarterback who can attack defenses with his arms and legs and a beefy leader. The MVP nominee, who rushed for 3,701 yards and threw just six interceptions, accounted for 35 total touchdowns during the regular season despite missing two games with a shoulder injury. He is considered the second best quarterback in the Super Bowl, but has been solid in the postseason.

Bad news: it will take up a lot of space to sign it

Hurts received an extension and could become the next $40 million annual quarterback. Nine quarterbacks currently average that annual salary, with the Bengals' Joe Burrow and Chargers' Justin Herbert eligible for similar extensions and deals this offseason.

The Eagles were able to assemble their current Super Bowl roster because Hurts is still on his rookie contract, which netted him just $1,082,744 and ranks 47th among quarterbacks in the NFL. His base salary will increase to a meager $4.2 million in 2023, but the Eagles need to sign him ASAP as he could become a free agent in 2024. Even if the salary cap goes up significantly, Hurts will take it all. and the Eagles will look very different next year.

Good news: Miles Sanders had two touchdowns against the Niners

The running back had the best season of his career, rushing for 1,269 yards in the regular season, the first 1,000-yard season of his career. And he shook off a troublesome knee to rush for 132 yards and two touchdowns in both playoff games. With Kenny Gainwell, he gives the Eagles a chance to control the ball against the Chiefs.

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Bad news: Sanders could land a lucrative deal elsewhere

While free agent running backs haven't done big business recently, Sanders will join free agency with other standout running backs: Josh Jacobs of the Raiders,giants'Saquon Barkleyand Tony Pollard of the Cowboys. And, of course, there will also be a new generation of running backs in the draft. Sanders, who turns 26 on May 1, will let the market and possibly other running backs decide his future. If Barkley gives the Giants a spot discount and the Cowboys keep Pollard, there could be a strong market for Sanders.

Good news: Coaches took the Eagles to the Super Bowl

CoachNick Sirianniand his associates took advantage of a running quarterback with explosive weapons: wide receiver A.J. Brown and DeVonta Smith, tight end Dallas Goedert and Sanders and the league's best pass rush to beat the NFC top seed and build him into a Super Bowl run. The Eagles, who beat their two playoff opponents 69-14, finished third on offense and second on defense.

Bad news: some of them are being stolen

With the Carolina Panthers hiring former Colts coachFranco Reich, some Eagles coaches could be recruited to join him. Reich had a game coordinator who passedKevin Patulloon his team when he was with the Indianapolis Colts, and Patullo would be an intriguing candidate for offensive coordinator. quarterback coachBrian Johnson, who was instrumental in the development of Hurts, may also be ready to make the leap to coordinator.

Good News: The Eagles Have a Talented DB Group for the Chiefs

Cornerbackkill Dariuswas named to the first NFLPA All-Pro Team and fellow CBJames BradbeereHe was named to the AP All-Pro team while Avonte Maddox, returning from a toe injury, limited the effectiveness of slot receivers and aided running play. Of course, the Niners struggled at quarterback, but the secondary limited explosive 49ers wide receivers Deebo Samuel and Brandon Aiyuk to four receptions for 43 yards on Sunday.

Bad News: James Bradberry Gets Paid

Running backs and cornerbacks are two of the most coveted positions in free agency, and one team will likely be investing a lot of money in Bradberry, who signed a one-year deal after being fired by the Giants on a shooting play. . Bradberry had three interceptions and was among the leaders with 17 passes defended. He allowed a quarterback rating of 48.4 when he pitched that season. The Eagles will have the chance to sign him, but Bradberry, having gambled, will want to take advantage of the market.

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Good news:Fletcher Cox,Brandon Graham, jjason kelcewill play in another Super Bowl

The team's captains, who are still playing at a high level in their 30s, have been core members of the Eagles for over a decade. They came together to win the first Super Bowl in franchise history and now, with a group of young people around them, they've taken the Eagles back to the Super Bowl.

Bad news: this could be the last time they wear an Eagles uniform

Kelce has been contemplating retiring for three seasons and this will likely be his last. On Sunday, Brandon Graham's wife may have leaked a secret during an on-field interview when she mentioned that the victory over the Niners could be her husband's last game at Lincoln Financial Field.

Kelce would leave in ahistorical path- to his brother Travis at the Super Bowl. But if the Eagles win, he'll have a chance to bow out in another fierce suit in another impassioned speech on the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.


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