Rivanna Trails Foundation - Hiking Guide (2023)

Rivanna Trail Circuit

Rivanna Trails Foundation - Hiking Guide (1)

Wool Mills at Riverview Park

(0.41 mile, 0.41 mile from mile 0, moderado)
Mile 0 is on the railroad trestle. Follow the sandy trail of Moore's Creek to the site of the old Woolen Mills Dam; go up left. Roadwalk: Turn onto E. Market Street, turn right onto Riverside Avenue, turn right onto Riverview Park.

Riverview Park on Route 250 at the Free Bridge

(1.48 miles, 1.89 from mile 0, easy)
Follow the paved path through the playground to the Rivanna River. A cul-de-sac (0.39 miles) at the end of the parking lot offers a short walk into the park.

Rivanna Trails Foundation - Hiking Guide (2)

Route 250 on the Free Bridge to Holmes Avenue

(1.64 miles, 3.53 from mile 0, moderate)
Follow the solid surface trail to the VFW fields. Just after the fields, turn left onto the cobbled path onto River Road. (A rough trail continues into the woods along the river to a dead end, but there is no access to River Road.) Right off of River Road, right off of Locust Avenue; At the end, turn left into Locust Lane and immediately right into Megan Court. Look for the sign to the right as you enter Megan Court and head into the woods. At the bottom of the hill, the trail continues along Meadow Creek; A bridge connects Lochlyn Hill and theBuchstate highwaySpur (described below).

Holmes Avenue hasta Park Street

(0.59 mile, 4.12 from mile 0, moderate)
Cross Holmes Avenue and follow Meadow Creek.

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Rivanna Trails Foundation - Hiking Guide (3)Park Street to the Norfolk-Southern RR underpass

(1.12 miles, 5.25 from mile 0, moderate)
After crossing the Park Street Bridge, walk down Melbourne and turn right onto Warner Parkway Trail. Follow the paved path for a few hundred meters; At the bottom of the first slope, at the signpost turn right to return to the Rustic Way. The trail crosses the creek at the Parkway Trail bridge and immediately turns left into the culvert. There are numerous hiking trails behind Charlottesville High School, in McIntire Park, and connecting to Meadowbrook Heights Road.

Paso subterráneo de Norfolk-Southern RR a Greenbrier/Brandywine Drives

(0.64 miles, 5.88 from mile 0, easy)
We hope to build a trail through the culvert.It is forbidden to cross the railway tracks or go through the gate.To avoid the pit, turn left at the pit through the kudzu patch and take a trail that takes you back to Melbourne (or go back to the previous section or paved path). Turn right and follow Melbourne past the school until you end at Kenwood. Turn left on Kenwood, immediate right on Galloway Drive and then left on Jamestown Drive. Follow Jamestown until you come to a dead end. Cross the bridge over Meadow Creek to Greenbrier Park and turn left to return to the rustic trail. Branch lines on either side of the bridge run west of the railroad culvert. (The city plans to build an additional sewer bridge leading to the park.)

Rivanna Trails Foundation - Hiking Guide (4)

Hydraulic Roadside Greenbrier/Brandywine Units

(1.07 miles, 6.95 from mile 0, moderate)
Cross Brandywin Drive; Follow the clearing and note the outcrop at Meadow Creek on the left.Be careful when crossing the creek.A bridge near this location is planned in the near future.

Hydraulic Path to Emmet Street (Rt. 29)

(0.62 mile, 7.57 from mile 0, moderate)
Hike upriver along Meadow Creek, which crosses two main paths. After going under Hydraulic Road, turn right at the top of the hill, follow the sidewalk over the creek, then turn left through the culvert under Bypass 250. Continue through the woods near City Gardens and golf course. Turn right on Morton Drive.

Emmet Street para Barracks Road

(1.51 miles, 8.19 from mile 0, easy)
Cross Emmet Street at the light and walk down Earhart Street to a walkway on the left. Stay on the road when crossing Federal Executive Agency property and stay clear of rope equipment. After the second curb, turn left onto Cedars Court.Be careful when crossing Barracks Roadto get back on track.

Barracks Road para Old Ivy Road

(1.74 miles, 9.70 from mile 0, moderate)
Follow the headwaters of Meadow Creek, past the founding of the county haven in 1806, through a forest of bay and chestnut trees, past two large fields and a small lake. Cross Leonard Sandridge Drive at the crosswalk and continue on Old Ivy Road.

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Alte Ivy Road para Ivy Road (Rt. 250)

(He suggested)
It is forbidden to cross the railway tracks.An acceptable detour is to turn left onto Old Ivy Road, under the rail tunnel at Ivy Road/Rt. 250 and then up the north side of Ivy Road to a point just past the UVa Visitor Center.be very carefulCruce Ivy Road.

Rivanna Trails Foundation - Hiking Guide (5)Ivy Road para Fontaine Avenue

(1.88 miles, 11.72 from mile 0, moderate)
Start near the 250 Bypass exit. Keep an eye out for RTF llamas marking the main trail around Observatory Hill; there are numerous connecting trails in this area.

Avenue Fontaine bis Avenue Stribling

(0.59 mile, 12.31 from mile 0, moderate)
Cruz Fontaine.Pass under the pines parallel to Beltway 250. At trailhead, cross road (or turn right uphill to Ministry of Forestry Education Trail). Cross the stream on springboards.Be careful when crossing the creek.the adjacentForest Department Nature TrailLoop (1 mile) contains several unusual Virginia trees, remnants of a 1930s tree nursery.

Stribling Avenue y Sunset Avenue

Turn right onto Stribling Avenue and immediately after going under the railroad bridge. Drive through the field, over the driveway, and up the bluff at Moore's Creek.Be careful when crossing the creek.Turn left onto Sunset Avenue Extended; Go past the apartment complex and turn right just before the pedestrian bridge.

Sunset Avenue para Azalea Park

Turn right on Sunset Avenue and walk along the creek to Old Lynchburg Road. Be careful when crossing the street and turn right into Azalea Park. Follow the cobbled path past the plots into the community gardens. Follow the path along the south side of the gardens to Moore's Creek.

Rivanna Trails Foundation - Hiking Guide (6)Azalea Park en der 5th Street Ext.

(0.87 miles, 14.54 from mile 0, moderate)
Be careful when crossing the creek; it can be impassable at high tide.Cross the stream by steps, continue through the woods and through the field. Look for wildlife in the park's buffer zone along Moore's Creek. In open fields, turn left into the culvert under 5th Street.

(Video) The History of the Monacan Nation and Town of Monasukapanough: An Ivy Talk

5th Street Extension to Jordan Park

(2.3 miles, 16.84 from mile 0, moderate)

Turn left after exiting the culvert and then right after crossing the footbridge. The trail crosses Bent Creek Road, which leads to the 5th Street Station shopping complex, and follows the river around the Willoughby area. There is a rock jump across the creek from where the trail continues to Jordan Park.

Jordan Park para Quarry Park

(1.07 miles, 17.91 from mile 0, moderate)
Cross Jordan Park and follow the path along the creek and under Avon Street. Be careful walking south on Avon Street to the Municipal Maintenance Yards, just past the Auto Storage Center. Turn left into Stadthof and look for the sign at the end of the parking lot. Back to the forest path. Climb a long, rolling hill through pine trees to high bluffs overlooking Moore's Creek and Monticello Avenue (Route 20).

Rivanna Trails Foundation - Hiking Guide (7)Quarry Park for the woolen mills

(1.64 miles, 19.55 from mile 0, hard)
The trail continues under Monticello Avenue and hugs Moore's Creek on its way to the Rivanna River. Get ready to climb rocks, walk on the sand, and see a variety of wildlife, exposed cliffs, the old cattle market, and historic mill buildings.Please note that some parts ofin this section they are especially rocky and rugged.Cross the footbridge and turn right onto Market Street at the Woolen Mills Estate. After a short walk to Market, turn right on Riverside Avenue toward Riverview Park.

north river path

River North Trail is an extension of the Rivanna Trail that runs north from a point between Locust Lane and Holmes Avenue through Pen Park, Dunlora, and Belvedere, including an area formerly known as the Free State. In 1788, Amy Bowles Farrow, a free colored woman of mixed race, purchased 224 acres of land that is now Belvedere and part of Dunlora. The area became known as the Free State in the 1870s and was one of the first free black communities in Virginia.

Meadow Creek para Pen Park Lane

A bridge connects the Rivanna Trail loop between Locust Lane and Holmes Avenue to the Lochlyn Hill neighborhood. The Council is planning a loop around the golf course so that the path runs entirely alongside the river through Pen Park.

Pen Park Lane para River Run

Observe signs and stay on public access roads.

River Run and Dunlora

Observe signs and stay on public access roads.


Due to construction work, the path through the Belvedere is partially closed; It is expected to reopen in mid to late 2021. The road ends at the railway crossing.

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