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Sometimes the body longs for a rest that only a hotel with a spa can provide. You want to spend the day in your bathrobe, floating between hot tubs and treatments, and then take a nap in a heated lounger. Fortunately,IrelandThere's everything from a riverside spa with an oceanfront hot tub to an outdoor copper tub filled with flowers and seaweed. The real strong point is the location - most make the most of the stunning Irish countryside, so you can hide away in a castle or country estate and feel like you're a million miles from the real world.

Featured photo: Loch Esk Castle, County Donegal

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The 16 Best Spa Hotels in Ireland - Times Travel (1)

1. Monart, company of Wexford

most appropriatedestination spa vibe
Monart is a place where guests sit all day in bathrobes and a peaceful glow appears on their faces. The center of attention is the spa with wonderful hydrotherapy pools and spacious thermal suites with saunas, steam rooms, salt caves and solariums. Watch the locals perform and visit Shaolin masters offering Qigong and Tai Chi classes. This is a proper spa place where people come solely to relax, so it is for adults only.



The 16 Best Spa Hotels in Ireland - Times Travel (2)

2. Hotel Cliff House (and Waterford)

most appropriateSeaview
When it comes to location, it doesn't get much better than the Cliff House Hotel. Every room overlooks the calm blue waters, whether you're lying in bed or sipping a cocktail at the bar, you'll be able to see the sea. The infinity pool is probably the dreamiest setting, and some of the treatment rooms even offer sea views. Soak in Irish seaweed or peat in an outdoor tub, and when you're ready to eat, the House Restaurant is waiting for you.


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The 16 Best Spa Hotels in Ireland - Times Travel (3)

3. Lough Esk Castle, County Donegal

most appropriatetraditional atmosphere
Lough Eske is a 5-star castle hotel on the Donegal moors, combining traditional Irish aesthetics with an elegant spa housed in a Victorian conservatory surrounded by gardens. It features a well-appointed spa suite with an ice fountain and tropical shower, and a mosaic-tiled pool overlooking the gardens. The variety of spa treatments is wide and there are also many treatments for pregnant women to choose from.


The 16 Best Spa Hotels in Ireland - Times Travel (4)

4. Hotel Kenmare Park, hrabstwo Kerry

most appropriateclassic luxury
With a forest vitality pool, state-of-the-art facilities and old-fashioned hospitality, the Park Hotel Kenmare is one of the best spas in the country. In addition to the treatment menu, there is a daily schedule of activities ranging from yoga and candlelight meditation to HIIT and hiking. Unusually, the hot springs spa areas are segregated by gender, but all are surrounded by tall trees and birdsong.


The 16 Best Spa Hotels in Ireland - Times Travel (5)

5. An igloo hotel in County Mayo

most appropriatewater rabbit
The Ice House Hotel's spa has a truly open-air vibe, with multiple outdoor Jacuzzis, therapy Jacuzzis, and even a glass-walled sauna overlooking the River Moy. The water flows so close to the spa that you can practically dip your toes in it. You can also experience the true West of Ireland with locally harvested seaweed in your bathrooms and products from the luxury brand Sligo Voya. You can also choose from a variety of holistic treatments, including Indian head massage and reflexology.


The 16 Best Spa Hotels in Ireland - Times Travel (6)

6. Ashford Castle, County Mayo

most appropriatewow factor
Ashford Castle has one of the most spectacular settings in the country and its spa is the perfect fit for this luxury hotel. The highlight is the relaxation pool, located under a glass dome on the roof of the conservatory, equipped with water jets, mythological wall paintings and views of Lake Corrib. Once you're done with your hammam, aromatherapy steam bath or seaweed scrub, you can make the most of the property for falconry at the falconry school, clay pigeon shooting or horse riding along the lakeside.

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The 16 Best Spa Hotels in Ireland - Times Travel (7)

7. Hotel Shelbourne in Dublin

most appropriatecity ​​break
in my heartDublinShelbourne is a quiet place away from the city center. That feeling is even truer in the lounge, an elegant Georgian space with silk wallpaper and plush sun loungers overlooking St Stephen's Green and the bustling park. Treatment rooms are located within the building, where you can enjoy a deep tissue massage or facial from Elemis Biotec in a dimly lit room. If you prefer to dry your hair after the treatment, a salon is also available.


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The 16 Best Spa Hotels in Ireland - Times Travel (8)

8. Lyon Cliffs, County Kildare

most appropriatenature lover
The former coach house of this beautifully restored mill houses a unique spa focused on botanicals and natural products. This means a bath with herbs and flowers from the garden or a massage with vegetable oils in an outdoor copper tub. Her own skincare line, The Well at Cliff, is particularly unique, boasting two on-site restaurants, one of which was awarded two Michelin stars just four months after opening.


The 16 Best Spa Hotels in Ireland - Times Travel (9)

9. Farnham Estate, County Cavan

most appropriatefleeing the country
You may not think that the wilds of central Ireland are the perfect place for an outdoor pool, but you're wrong: even on the coldest days, the thermal water in this indoor/outdoor pool is heaven. If you need to warm up, there are various saunas, steam rooms and an amethyst salt cave at your disposal. In addition to all the standard treatments, facial massages and Yon-Ka kinesitherapy are available, and the spa and pool are only for guests over 16 for a peaceful soak.


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The 16 Best Spa Hotels in Ireland - Times Travel (10)

10. Galgorm Resort, County Antrim

most appropriatelovers
While Galgorm offers a wide variety of treatments, Thermal Spa Village is really the center of attention. The variety here is astounding, from salt and steam caves to riverside cabanas and open-air saunas. There are even private hot tubs and pools on the banks of the Maine River where you can soak in the cascading water. The spacious Elements Café is also the perfect place for a post-treatment cocktail.


The 16 Best Spa Hotels in Ireland - Times Travel (11)

11. Lough Erne, County Fermanagh

most appropriategolfer
The Clue Is In The Name: The Thai Spa at Loch Erne places a strong emphasis on traditional Thai treatments, with a dedicated massage room and other treatments such as herbal salve massages and ancient foot massages. There are common spaces with hot springs and the view of the Hume Castle lake seen from the infinity pool is particularly unique. They also offer exclusive golf massages for those who use their award-winning courses.


The 16 Best Spa Hotels in Ireland - Times Travel (12)

12. Finn Lough, hrabstwo Fermanagh

most appropriateslippery different
As expected from the clear bubble dome the resort brought us, the spa at Finn Lough is just amazing. The two-hour route is meant to be a journey through nature, through a series of cabins in the woods, from a Finnish sauna (with a lake bath at the end) to a herbal sauna and floating room. Located on the terrace overlooking the lake, the hot tub is the last stop before moving on to the wonderful relaxation room with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the forest and wood-burning stove.


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The 16 Best Spa Hotels in Ireland - Times Travel (13)

13. Kilronan Castle, County Leitrim

most appropriatebudget disruption
Kilronan Castle Spa does not have a garden view or open air setting. Instead, the entire spa feels like a cocoon of comfort, with hot and cold vitality pools, saunas, and steam rooms bathed in deep blue light. There is also a private Rasul mud chamber where you can perform pre-treatment cleansing rituals that will leave you feeling squeaky clean. Affordable spa services are also often available, with a variety of treatment packages offering great value.


The 16 Best Spa Hotels in Ireland - Times Travel (14)

14. Intercontinental Dublin

most appropriatemid week getaway
InterContinental Dublin is a short walk from the city centre, but its location next to the green Balls Bridge has all the advantages. While the hotel itself is fairly quiet, the spa takes it a step further with a large pool, jacuzzi, and a range of excellent spa treatments. The massages are top notch, especially the Balinese massage, and the prices are a bit lower mid-week. Then enjoy afternoon tea overlooking the gardens.


The 16 Best Spa Hotels in Ireland - Times Travel (15)

15. Wineport Inn, County Westmeath

most appropriatelife by the lake
The Cedarwood Spa at Wineport Lodge has just undergone a major refurbishment and is making the most of its lakeside location: the outdoor hot tub overlooks Lough Ree and swans fly among the reeds, while the edge of the (small) heated infinity pool meets the lake waters in one. it's a lake. In the treatment menu we use Voya and Yon-Ka products, and in the previous baths we offer algae, aromatherapy salts or warm muds. On the shore there is a pontoon with two floating jacuzzis where you can feel the flow of the lake while you submerge with a glass of prosecco in hand.


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The 16 Best Spa Hotels in Ireland - Times Travel (16)

16. Europe, County Kerry

most appropriatekiller point of view
This corner of Ireland shines especially bright, which means that Esper has a European backdrop. Whether you're in the outdoor pool or on a sun lounger after a treatment, it's hard to take your eyes off Loch Lean and the rolling hills of Killarney National Park. If you prefer to enjoy the views, there are also private spa suites with a double bathroom, sauna and relaxation area. As for treatments, you can choose between Ayurvedic rituals, Balinese massages and a variety of facials.


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