Top 5 LUXURY SPA HOTELS in Derry for every occasion (2023)

The walled city is a popular destination for its history and culture, so why not treat yourself to a luxurious stay while visiting the region?

Top 5 LUXURY SPA HOTELS in Derry for every occasion (1)

Derry is the second largest city in Northern Ireland after Belfast. It is one of the most popular city break destinations to explore the Costa de la Calzada and beyond.

Without going any further, you will already be surrounded by a multitude of historical sights in the walled city. This bustling city is exciting to experience both day and night.

Derry is one of the most visited cities on the island of Ireland as it offers everything you could want including an ideal location, a choice of restaurants and bars, a wide range of excellent hotels and plenty of charm and character to look for can always wear. . Extent.

There is plenty to see and do in Derry, but this city is known for being the only fully intact walled city on the island, making it a paradise for anyone with an interest in Irish history and culture.

No trip to Derry is complete without staying at a great hotel, so check out these five luxury spa hotels in and around Derry that will add that extra something to an already exciting northern adventure.

The abstract -a quick look at our top picks of the best luxury spa hotels in Derry

The best luxury spa hotels in Derry –advice and suggestions

Top 5 LUXURY SPA HOTELS in Derry for every occasion (2)

When to book:When planning a trip it's always worth booking early if you know your dates rather than waiting until the last minute when prices are skyrocketing and availability is limited.

Booking.comis the best platform to book luxury spa hotels in Derry and get great deals.

Accommodation in Derry –The best areas to live in Derry and the surrounding area

Top 5 LUXURY SPA HOTELS in Derry for every occasion (3)

Derry city centre:This is a privileged place to visit the city as you are within walking distance of one of the most cultural and historical towns on the island. Here you can see many museums, enjoy the local restaurants and pubs and be in the center of history.

Donegal: The city of Derry itself has a limited number of luxury spa hotels, so its neighbor to the north, Donegal, is a great place to stay that isn't too far away. With so much to see, do and discover in County Donegal, you won't regret your stay.

Limavady:This market town in County Derry is an ideal place to stay between the famous Causeway Coast and the city of Derry, making it a popular location from which to explore the surrounding area.

Lago Foyle:Just north of the city of Derry is Lough Foyle, a very picturesque place offering plenty of activities, nature walks and the opportunity to relax in nature. This is a great location for being close to Derry city, the Causeway Coast etc. but retreat to a comfortable area.

1. Rehpark Complex −the best spa and golf experience near Derry

Top 5 LUXURY SPA HOTELS in Derry for every occasion (4)

Set in lush natural surroundings, Roe Park Resort is just 15 minutes from Derry City Airport and has its own 18-hole championship golf course and an impressive range of restaurants. However, there are plenty of other reasons why this luxury spa hotel stands out from the crowd.

Overview:If you're looking for one of the best luxury spa hotels in Derry, you can't go wrong.Roe Parque Resortthat ticks all the boxes for the unforgettable getaway you've been looking for. If you are a golf enthusiast looking to relax in the spa or explore the nearby city of Derry then this is the place for you.

The hotel is close to…Derry Airport!

The hotel is perfect for …A luxury golf and spa vacation!

HIGHLY IN DEMAND:This spa and golf resort is one of the best in Derry and one of the best resorts inNorthern Ireland, so always book well in advance to guarantee your stay.

The most important features here include:

  • An 18-hole golf course just around the corner
  • The ultra-luxurious Roe Spa offers a variety of spa treatments
  • A gym on site
  • Jacuzzi, sauna and steam bath
  • The Coach House Restaurant offers casual dining overlooking the golf course.
  • The Courtyard Restaurant serves local cuisine and a delicious Sunday roast
  • O'Cahans Bar is the best place for a simple drink or a fancy cocktail.
  • Live music every Friday and Saturday from 9:30pm until late
  • 20 minutes from Derry Airport and 30 minutes from Derry City
  • 155 acres of parkland to enjoy

ADDRESS:40 Drumrane Rd, Limavady, County Derry

2. Rotes Schlosshotel –a seaside golf hotel near Derry

Top 5 LUXURY SPA HOTELS in Derry for every occasion (5)

Overview:Half an hour north of Derry, in County Donegal, you will find the Redcastle Hotel which will surprise you, especially if you like the views. With a stunning waterfront location on the Inishowen Peninsula overlooking Lough Foyle, Redcastle has one of the best locations imaginable. Yet it is close to many local attractions and activities.

With countless walking opportunities in Donegal and the walled city of Derry just a short stroll from the hotel, you'll find a perfect base from which to explore much of what makes this part of Ireland so unique. However, if you plan to sit back, relax and enjoy the hotel's facilities, you will be glad to know that there is plenty to enjoy, making this hotel suitable for everyone.

The hotel is close to…Möville!

The hotel is perfect for …a peaceful retreat to the coast!

The most important features here include:

  • An ideal location just half an hour from Derry and 34 minutes from Derry Airport.
  • A historic building but elegantly furnished
  • A perfect location for romantic getaways, golf breaks, spa weekends etc.
  • The Edge Restaurant von Magilligan's Beach View
  • 94 newly renovated luxury rooms and suites
  • The Redcastle Spa offers a range of spa treatments and signature body treatments.
  • A 9-hole golf course is on site.
  • The leisure club offers an indoor pool, sauna, steam room and gym.
  • Lough Foyle Ferry is just 10 minutes' drive from the hotel.
  • The Captains Bar is great for a casual meal or a creamy pint

ADDRESS:Inishowen Peninsula, Culineen, Redcastle, Co. Donegal

3. Ballyliffin-Lodge & Spa –Ireland's most northerly four star hotel

Top 5 LUXURY SPA HOTELS in Derry for every occasion (6)

Overview:Ballyliffin Lodge Hotel & SpaThis is a gem of a hotel near Derry, just 40 minutes drive from Derry City and 50 minutes drive from Derry City Airport. This award-winning luxury spa hotel has fantastic views of Malin Head, the northern tip of the island and is only a few minutes drive from Ballyliffin Golf Club, making it the ideal spa and golf break.

The hotel offers free WIFI, luxurious en suite rooms with all modern conveniences, and excellent wellness and leisure facilities to enjoy at the end of the day. If you're a foodie, you'll really enjoy your stay here, along with the fact that every meal is served with a panoramic view.

The hotel is close to…Ballyliffin Golf Club!

The hotel is perfect for….A Spa and Golf Getaway on the North Shore!

The most important features here include:

ADDRESS:Ballyliffin Lodge & Spa Hotel, Shore Road, Ballyliffin, Condado de Donegal

4. Best Western Plus White Horse Hotel –a relaxing and rejuvenating getaway from the city

Top 5 LUXURY SPA HOTELS in Derry for every occasion (7)

Overview:One of the best luxury spa hotels in Derry is the Best Western White Horse Hotel which offers a fantastic central location just six minutes drive from the nearest airport in the city of Derry and only nine minutes drive from the city. to explore the sights, bars andRestaurants in Derry.

In addition to its idyllic out-of-town location, the hotel has excellent spa and leisure facilities that make a fantastic addition to any city break. It is an elegant four star hotel with comfortable rooms, an award winning restaurant and modern fitness facilities and is an ideal base for visiting the Costa de la Calzada.

The hotel is close to…Derry City!

The hotel is perfect for …a relaxing and invigorating getaway from the city!

HIGHLY IN DEMAND:This is one of the best centrally located hotels with a full spa, which means it's always in high demand, so book early to secure your dates.

The most important features here include:

  • An on-site aerobics studio, a children's pool, and a fully stocked gumball shop
  • The spa offers personalized facial and body treatments DECLEOR
  • The spa also features a private outdoor hot tub.
  • All bedrooms have award winning king coil beds, luxury pillows and towels.
  • The 68 Clooney Bar is great for a cocktail or craft beer in the beer garden
  • 68 Clooney Restaurant is an award-winning restaurant that serves only the finest locally sourced ingredients.
  • The leisure club offers 20 fitness classes per week.
  • Close to excellent golf and fishing.
  • The spa also offers a full range of nail treatments and special spa packages.
  • Sauna and steam room for the ultimate detox and relaxation.

ADDRESS:68 Clooney Rd, Campsie, Derry

5.City Hotels Derry –in the center of everything

Top 5 LUXURY SPA HOTELS in Derry for every occasion (8)

Overview:If you are looking for a great hotel in the heart of Derry city, within easy walking distance of all the city's attractions including the historic walls, then don't miss the City Hotel Derry. As well as being in a very strategic position for a city break, it is only a short drive to the surrounding areasidewalk coastand also.

Top 5 LUXURY SPA HOTELS in Derry for every occasion (9)

The hotel has many facilities to stay active, relax and enjoy the best food. So it's no surprise that it's a popular choice for anyone visiting the city. This is also an ideal base for those who enjoy golfing, hiking, fishing or cycling as it is the heart of the action. While the hotel isn't labeled as a spa hotel, the pool, sauna, and hot tub make it feel close.

The hotel is close to…Derry City!

The hotel is perfect for …a getaway from the city!

The most important features here include:

  • A beautiful location on the banks of the River Foyle
  • An impressive well equipped gym
  • 15 meter pool, steam room and whirlpool
  • 158 modern rooms with penthouse suites, superior rooms and family rooms to choose from
  • Thomson's Restaurant is ideal for enjoying delicious food right at your doorstep.
  • Perfect for a casual drink or light meal, Coppins Bar is one of the best bars in town.
  • Harveys Roof Terrace - Derry's only rooftop bar
  • Portrush's famous golf courses are within an hour
  • Only 500 meters from the Tower Museum and other attractions
  • Many dedicated meeting rooms and suites for business purposes

ADDRESS:Queen's Quay, County Derry

notable mentions

Top 5 LUXURY SPA HOTELS in Derry for every occasion (10)

Frequently asked questions about the best luxury spa hotels in Derry

What is the best day spa for couples in Northern Ireland?

The Galgorm Spa and Golf Resort in County Antrim is a fantastic place for couples to spend a day at the spa, with a variety of spa packages to choose from including an exclusive onevalentines dayspecial.

What is the best spa stay in Derry?

Roe Park Resort is Derry's premier spa for the ultimate in relaxation, golf, nature and excellence in service.

Where are the best and cheapest luxury hotels in Derry?

The Best Western Hotel Derry is one of the best and most affordable luxury spa hotels in Derry.

So here are the best luxury spa hotels in Derry, some with a central location and great facilities and others just a short drive from the city of Derry with stunning views and excellent service. So now the choice is yours!

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