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If you do not enter any dates, prices quoted are direct from the hotel and are based on the cheapest double room (including tax) available over the next 60 days.

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Hobbit houses and apartments on stilts

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A wild game of victory

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Luxurious safari lodge on the edge of the Kruger National Park, Sabi Sand Game Reserve, South AfricaHe's scaredThousands of acres of houses are available to guests. Rooms vary throughout the property -- some are local houses with conical roofscupThe (mountain) or treehouse style apartments are accessed via rope bridges and elevated walkways. On site are hippo watering holes, a spa, a winery showcasing the country's best wines, and guards on duty after dark to guide you through the southern constellations.

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21 rooms, including five suites.


11 am but flexible, subject to availability. Earliest check in is 2pm, but flexible arrangements are also available if your room is ready.


Double rooms from £1,253.91 (ZAR 28,200) with 15% VAT. The hotel will collect an additional local city tax of ZAR 100 per person per night upon check-out.

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Rates include two daily game drives and walking tours in the Sabi Sand Reserve, all food and beverages, transfers to and from the hotel track, taxes and a discretionary booking fee per person per night.

give back

Make room in your luggage for school supplies that can be donated to South African children through Pride 'n Purpose, a hotel-supported charity, and Pack for a Purpose.

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at the hotel

Acres of lush shrubbery, fitness center, two tennis courts, laundry facilities, free parking, and free Wi-Fi throughout. In-room: iPod docking station, free minibar, and Africology bath products. Inside the hostel: swimming pool, cellar.

our favorite room

Choose from a treehouse-style room in the Safari Lodge, accessed via a rope bridge (softly humming an Indiana Jones theme, of course), or a room in the elevated Rock Lodge, with panoramic views from the bushes below. We love Cliff Lodge 1 for its fireplace, outdoor deck with pool and gym, and Makwela Duplex with its separate living room, library, and infinity pool.

in the pool

There are two types: outdoor heating and winter heating, but one is more suitable for domestic use.

hot spring

Perched 250 meters above the savannah, Aroma Boma Spa offers expansive views of the surrounding landscape. It's quiet and peaceful, but if you hear what sounds like a herd of elephants, that's it. Treatments include facials, reflexology, and massages, and grooming services using local ingredients like rooibos tea, aloe vera, and marula jam.

packing tips

Pack cream, khaki, and stone clothing—you don't want to scare off the local wildlife.


Children of all ages are welcome, but must be at least 6 years old to play the discs (children 12 and older are allowed at Safari Lodge). Some rooms have extra beds for children. Little ones will love the personalized learning and learning backpack at the Cub's Club at Rock Lodge.

most appropriate

More than six years.

recommended room

Children under 12 years of age are not permitted at Safari Lodge. The best rooms for families are the Makwela Suite and Cliff Lodge, both with rollaway beds.


Cub's Club keeps kids busy with custom-built adventure activities and educational backpacks upon arrival.


The Cub's Club schedule is flexible, but classes are expected to include lessons on becoming a ranger and safari, hunting birds, bugs and lizards.


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top table

Request a night of stargazing in the bush, an after-dinner horoscope lesson, or just the word and the staff will arrange a private table in a magical setting.

dress code

Mr. Smith should learn from this Del Monte man how to stay stylish when he travels. Ms. Smith, all he needs are stylish, unisex utility items.

hotel restaurant

Ulusaba's food combines the best of African produce, with menus and dishes that change regularly with the seasons. The candlelit communal tables encourage sharing of gaming site stories throughout the day, and the setting will vary throughout your stay: under the starry sky, on deck, or on the boom. traditional south africangrillThe (Grill) may be the highlight of your stay, and the bread and pastries baked daily on site are not far behind.

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hotel bar

Both Safari Lodge and Rock Lodge have bars, the latter owning Richard's Corner, presumably Sir Branson's favorite sunset spot (he owns the shop, after all). Safari Lodge has a well-stocked wine cellar where you can sample some of South Africa's best wine.

Last wish

Around 8:30 AM you can have breakfast after your first ride of the day. Lunch is from 12:30 to 15:00 and afternoon tea is served at 15:30 just before the sunset ride. Dinner after the last ride around 20:30.

hotel staff

All meals can be delivered to your room upon request.


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He's scared

sand reserve said:



South Africa

Ulusaba is found in thousands of acres of grassland in South Africa's Sabi Sands Wildlife Sanctuary.


Johannesburg OR Tambo International Airport is 500 km away. From there, we can arrange a 90-minute twinjet flight directly to the Ulusaba runway (the view after landing makes up for the window seat). It takes approximately one hour from Skukuza airport and two hours from Nelspruit airport. Major airlines fly from London Heathrow to Johannesburg.


We do not recommend driving to Ulusaba as it is a long drive (6 hours) from Johannesburg; however, if you choose to do so, the hotel provides helpful directions and free parking. An entrance fee is required upon reaching the edge of Sabi Sands. The journey takes approximately two hours from Kruger International Airport and approximately 90 minutes from the gates of the Kruger National Park.

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worth getting up

In addition to your daily safari allowance, try to make time for stargazing at the resort's jungle observatory. Staff can also organize community tours and excursions to meet the people behind the Pride 'n Purpose charity, which the hotel supports. The cottage can also arrange days to explore gorges, ravines, Victorian villages, looter's graves and waterfalls, or a helicopter ride over the majestic scenery, stopping for lunch at a famous local.harry's pancakesw Back Grass.


PhotoUlusaba, Sabi Sand Game Reserve, South Africa (5)

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A member of our team personally visits each award-winning hotel and awards the Smith Seal of Approval, which is then verified anonymously. One of our reviewers is inSouth Africaand unpack themkhaki clothing, a full account of your rest will be with you. In the meantime, to spark your wanderlust, take a quick peek insideHe's scaredexistReserve Sabi Sand……

Ulusaba has a choice of rock-cut chalets or treehouse-style suites connected by suspension rope bridges. The old Rock Lodge is located incup(small hills in generally flat areas of South Africa, I don't know...), with rooms scattered across the expanse of granite; Ironically, the latter's treehouse is only for kids 12 and older, but older kids are more than welcome to play inside.

The lodge sits on more than 30,000 acres of an animal-rich preserve, so you're likely to see the Big Five, especially with the help of experienced trackers and guides. There is an observatory to observe the stars and admire the absence of light pollution. Some rooms at the Safari Lodge overlook the Xikwenga Dam, where the local herds of hippos and elephants come to quench their thirst. Camping can be beautiful and the journey rewarding, but the 'Ulusab family' will make your stay truly memorable, especially when they say goodbye and hand out a box of cookies before heading out into the sun. A scorching sunset... that sweetens the transition. come back to real life

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Price per night from1253,91 GBP

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What is the most famous game reserve in South Africa? ›

The world-renowned Kruger National Park is South Africa's largest wildlife sanctuary with nearly 2 million ha (4.9 million acres) of unrivalled wilderness and wildlife land, and home to, not only the Big Five, but more species of large mammals than any other African game reserve.

How much is a lodge at Sabi Sands? ›

Sabi Sabi Bush Lodge: Between R13700 and R19900 per person sharing per night. Tariffs vary between accommodation types, of which there are three. Sabi Sabi Earth Lodge: R19900 per person sharing per night. Amber Presidential Suite, which includes a private game drive vehicle, at R29900 per person sharing per night.

What is the difference between Sabi Sands and Kruger? ›

Sabi Sands is a luxury private game reserve with guided drives and 5-star lodges. Kruger is a government-run self-driving adventure.

How long to spend in Sabi Sands? ›

The ideal minimum stay is three nights: this gives you two full days in the reserve so you can go on a minimum of four game drives (twice daily: in the morning and evening).

What are the top 5 big game Africa? ›

The term “Big Five” originally referred to the difficulty in hunting the lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and African buffalo. These five large African mammal species were known to be dangerous and it was considered a feat by trophy hunters to bring them home.

Where is the best place to see the Big Five in South Africa? ›

Limpopo and Mpumalanga

Kruger National Park is one of the most popular safari parks and the best place to see the big five in South Africa.

What do you wear to Sabi Sands? ›

Short-sleeved t-shirts, long-sleeved t-shirts, shorts, trousers, hats, scarfs and warm jackets are just some of the items of clothing we recommend you bring along. Neutral colours are more suitable for safari, as bright colours or white clothing stand out and could make the animals shy away.

When should I go to Sabi Sands? ›

Best time to visit Sabi Sands Game Reserve

Game viewing is excellent all year round, but the dry months of May to November are best (September to November especially, as mammals have their young).

Does Sabi Sands allow day visitors? ›

Day visitors are not allowed in the reserve, so you can only stay here when booked into one of the lodges. You also may not drive around the reserve on your own. This guarantees the park's exclusivity.

Are there monkeys in Sabi Sands? ›

The wildlife in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve is the same as in the Kruger National Park and includes the Big 5 (lion, leopard, rhino, elephant and buffalo), as well as giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, warthog, kudu, impala, waterbuck, hippo, crocodile, wild dog, cheetah, hyena, jackal, baboons, monkeys and many smaller ...

Is Sabi Sands expensive? ›

Sabi Sands Game Reserve boasts some of the world's most luxurious lodges. Beginning from R 15,441 per night, per person sharing, each of these safari lodges offer the most exceptional service and experience one can find.

Is Kruger better than Serengeti? ›

Serengeti is more of an open terrain and is best for viewing lions, while Kruger is denser and is better for viewing elephants. The Kruger is home to the important black rhino; however, this endangered grazer can also be seen from the Ngorongoro Crater to the Serengeti.

What is the best month to go to Cape Town? ›

When is the Best Time to Visit Cape Town? A Cape Town holiday is best during peak summer from December to February. These hot summer months also coincide with local school holidays, so book your accommodation early if you want to visit over Christmas or New Year.

Can you drive to Sabi Sands? ›

Guests may travel to the Sabi Sands by vehicle (self drive or transfer); by scheduled flight to one of the three main access airports (and travel onwards by means of a vehicle or transfer); by scheduled flight on a light aircraft to one of the airstrips located in the reserve; or by Fedair shuttle flight (twice daily ...

How many days do you need in Kruger National Park? ›

The average stay is between 2 and 3 nights (many stay for as long as a week), but ideally no less than 2 nights. That would give you the best chance to enjoy the surrounds and improve your chances of seeing all there is to see in the African bush.

How much does it cost to go on an African safari hunt? ›

An African Hunting Safari price for an 8-day plains game hunt with 7 trophies is on average between $4000 and $7,000. However, some additional costs need to be considered. 1. Travel cost to Africa of between $1500 – $2500.

What is the number one game in South Africa? ›

Soccer, as the sport is known in South Africa, is the most popular team sport amongst all South Africans, with a very strong following among black South Africans.

Why is it called game meat? ›

Wild animals and birds that are hunted and eaten are known as 'game'. Game meat is healthy, natural and delicious.

What month is best to see the Big 5 in Africa? ›

The best time to visit them is from May to September, during the dry season and winter, which results in more moderate temperatures. There is also less vegetation during these months, so animals tend to concentrate around waterholes and rivers, making wildlife easier to spot.

What time of year is best to see the Big 5 in Africa? ›

When is the Best Time to See the Big 5? Peak safari season runs from about July to October across Africa. This coincides with the continent's cool, dry winter.

Which city in South Africa is considered to be one of the world's most beautiful? ›

Cape Town has regularly been voted one of the most beautiful cities in the world. But the accolade "Greatest City in the World to Visit Right Now" that South Africa's Mother City recently received from The Telegraph in the UK has South Africans beaming with pride.

Do I need malaria pills for Sabi Sands? ›

Although the risk of contracting malaria in the Sabi is minimal, anti-malaria medication is generally recommended for visitors. You are advised to consult a medical practitioner before travelling to the Sabi Sand Reserve, especially if you plan to visit from December through April.

Can I wear jeans to the desert? ›

Closed-toe shoes are a must, as the desert can be full of sand and rocks. If possible, avoid wearing jeans, as they can be uncomfortable in the heat. Opt for lightweight trousers or at least knee-length shorts.

Is there malaria in Sabi Sands? ›

The facts speak for themselves

Since the 1970's, over 500,000 guests have visited the private game reserves in the Sabi Sand Wiltuin and Timbavati with ONLY 2 reported cases of malaria, both of whom experienced a very short recovery period.

What is the wettest season in Sabi Sands? ›

December, January & February – These are the months of the most precipitation and highest temperatures, coupled with intense humidity.

What country is Sabi Sands in? ›

About Sabi Sands Game Reserve

Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve near Kruger National Park in South Africa is one of those very special places in the world and is the ultimate African safari destination.

What is the history of the Sabi Sands Game Reserve? ›

The conservation history of Sabi Sands began in 1898 when the area became part of the Sabie Reserve, which also incorporated the Kruger National Park. In 1926 the National Parks act of South Africa was passed and the private land owners were excised from national land and the Kruger Park was extended.

Is the Sands resort all inclusive? ›

Please note that The Sands at Grace Bay is not an all inclusive resort.

What are the predators of the Sabi Sands? ›

Predators of Sabi Sands

Sabi Sands is known especially for its predator sightings, with regular reports of leopard casually walking alongside safari vehicles. Lions, too, love the Sabi Sands and have even become movie stars! The Mapogo Brothers became known as the most savage lions in the park.

What is a luxury private game reserve? ›

Known for its beautiful wildlife and more specifically the magnificent lions, leopards, elephants, buffalo, and rhinos. A private game reserve has a limit on the number of guests on the reserve at any one time meaning you can fully enjoy the wildlife in their natural habitat.

Are there snakes in Sabi Sands? ›

Sabi Sabi is home to huge water and rock monitors, tiny skinks, geckos, chameleons, many varieties of snakes and protected pythons – the list is endless.

How many lions are in Sabi Sand? ›

This is a powerful documentary, filmed over a 16 year span, about the rise of a Coalition of six lions, branded The Mapogo Lions, and their takeover of the largest territory by a pride.

Are there giraffes in Sabi Sands? ›

Here at Sabi Sabi we are fortunate to have sightings of giraffe throughout the reserve, whether it be an extremely warm day or icy cold - they don't have much place to hide from our trained trackers.

What is the biggest private game reserve in South Africa? ›

Sabi Sand Game Reserve (650km²)

Sabi Sand GR, South Africa's most popular private game reserve, shares an unfenced border with the much larger Kruger National Park.

What game park is next to Kruger National Park? ›

The main private game reserves bordering the Kruger National Park are Balule, MalaMala, Sabi Sand, Manyeleti, Klaserie, Thornybush and Timbavati.

Who owns Sabi Sabi game reserve? ›

Sabi Sabi was established In 1979 and was bought by investment banker Hilton Loon together with his talented wife Jacqui shortly thereafter. The couple bought the Bush Lodge property in the Greater Kruger Area with the dream of creating a luxury home in the bush.

Are safaris in Kruger safe? ›

IS IT SAFE TO GO ON A SAFARI WITH AN OPEN SAFARI VEHICLE IN THE KRUGER NATIONAL PARK? – Visiting the Kruger National Park and going on safari with an open safari vehicle is one of the safest ways to view animals in their natural habitat. Field Guides are trained and knows the Kruger Park very well.

What is the best month for a safari in South Africa? ›

The best time to go to South Africa for a safari is from May to October. These months are superb for game viewing in Kruger, Madikwe, Pilanesberg and KwaZulu-Natal as the animals are concentrated around water sources and are easier to spot in the dry season's thinned-out vegetation.

Is Masai Mara better or Kruger? ›

Kruger National Park Vs Masai Mara

It is guaranteed that you will easily see much more in terms of wildlife in the Masai Mara than you are likely to see in Kruger National Park. However, if you can afford the luxury of visiting both parks then that's a chance not to be missed.

How many days in Cape Town is enough? ›

While 10 days is the most popular duration for kimkim travelers, two weeks is recommended for a satisfying trip to South Africa. You can venture farther outside Cape Town, discover the Winelands, drive the Garden Route, and go on a safari (or two) in Kruger National Park.

What is the dress code in Cape Town? ›

Cape Town is not formal unless you are there for business reasons. Therefore, you can easily wear casual or smart casual outfits to most outings, events or restaurants. If you plan on visiting higher-end restaurants, you may need to pack more formal outfits to meet the dress code requirements.

Should I go to Cape Town or Johannesburg? ›

So if you're looking for a more laid back, outdoorsy holiday, Cape Town is the answer for you. But if you'd prefer to experience the fast pace and urban delights of city life then Johannesburg is definitely the place to be.

How much does it cost to stay at Sabi Sands? ›

Sabi Sands Game Reserve hotels information
Number of reviews498
Accommodation375 hotels
Lowest Price$36
Highest Price$2,125

How many days do you need in Sabi Sands? ›

How Long Should We Spend in Sabi Sands? Sunrise from Ulusaba Rock Lodge. The ideal minimum stay is three nights: this gives you two full days in the reserve so you can go on a minimum of four game drives (twice daily: in the morning and evening).

Which month is best for Kruger safari? ›

The best time to visit the Kruger National Park is the dry season from May to October for the best game viewing and walking safari conditions. Vegetation is low and sparse at this time of year, making animals easier to spot and track, while the permanent water sources offer a rewarding safari experience in the Kruger.

How much is a 3 day safari in Kruger National Park? ›

Price of a 3 day Kruger safari? The cost of a 3 day Kruger safari depends on the type of accommodation you choose and whether it's located inside or outside the park. On average 3 day safaris start from $600 per person for budget rest camps to $950 for mid range accommodation to upwards of $1,200 for luxurious lodges.

How much does it cost to stay a night in Kruger? ›

Kruger National Park Fees
Prices (per person, per day)Prices (per child, per day)
South African citizens and residents (with ID)$7 USD$4 USD
Southern African Development Community nationals (with passport)$14 USD$7 USD
Foreign visitors$27 USD$14 USD
1 more row

What is Africa's biggest game reserves? ›

Remote, raw and filled with wildlife, Nyerere National Park is Africa's largest game reserve. Yet unlike the iconic destinations of Tanzania's northern safari circuit, it remains relatively unknown to outsiders.

What is the oldest game reserve in South Africa? ›

Hluhluwe–Imfolozi Park, formerly Hluhluwe–Umfolozi Game Reserve, is the oldest proclaimed nature reserve in Africa. It consists of 960 km² (96,000 ha) of hilly topography 280 kilometres (170 mi) north of Durban in central KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa and is known for its rich wildlife and conservation efforts.

Is Kruger National Park the biggest game reserve in the world? ›

It is one of the largest national parks in the world, with an area of 19,485 km2 (7,523 sq mi). The park is approximately 360 km (220 mi) long, and has an average width of 65 km (40 mi).

How far is Kruger from Johannesburg? ›

It's not widely known that an overland journey to Kruger National Park (340km/ 211 miles) from Johannesburg as the crow flies) holds as much beauty and excitement as the world-famous safari destination itself.

What country in Africa has the most lions? ›

Tanzania hosts the largest lion population in Africa, with the bulk of the lions inhabiting the game parks of the popular Northern Tanzania Safari Circuit.

What are the big 5 animals in South Africa game reserves? ›

From the Big Five – lion, leopard, elephant, rhino and Cape buffalo – to antelope, zebra, hyena, hippo, giraffe, and a plethora of bird and marine species, you'll be spoilt for choice with the abundance of wildlife here.

What is the most famous game reserve in the world? ›

here are the World's 6 most wondrous Wildlife Parks
  • Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya. ...
  • The Serengeti National Park, Tanzania. ...
  • Tierra del Fuego National Park, Argentina. ...
  • Yala National Park, Sri Lanka. ...
  • Ranthambore National Park, India. ...
  • sharjah safari park, UAE.
Sep 21, 2022

What is the biggest privately owned game reserve South Africa? ›

MalaMala is the largest privately owned game reserve in South Africa. Renowned for the frequency and consistency of its big game sightings, MalaMala draws visitors from across the globe and most leave again having seen all of Africa's famed Big 5 - sometimes within a single game drive!

Which is the second largest game reserve in South Africa? ›

1. Kruger National Park, South Africa's largest game reserve. 2. Pilanesburg Game Reserve a wildlife sanctuary situated close to Sun City.

Which game reserve is completely surrounded by a city in South Africa? ›

Bloemfontein boasts one of the most unique reserves in the world – a wildlife reserve surrounded by a city. The 250ha Franklin Game Reserve offers wildlife, including giraffe and wildebeest, and great city views.

Is the Kruger Park bigger than Israel? ›

The Kruger National Park is one of the largest game reserves in Africa, covering an area of just under 20 000 square kilometres (7 500 sq/miles). It is about the size of Israel, slightly smaller than Belgium and about the third of the size of Ireland.

Is Kruger National Park bigger than Yellowstone? ›

At 13.2 million acres, it's larger than Yellowstone National Park, Yosemite National Park, and Switzerland combined. The park is also one of the wildest places in North America, with vast areas of untouched wilderness, an incredible abundance of wildlife, and hardly a man-made structure to be found.

Do I need malaria pills for Kruger National Park? ›

Regardless of the time of year, visitors on a Kruger safari holiday should take anti-malaria tablets and take the same precautions to prevent being bitten.

How expensive is Kruger? ›

With African Budget Safaris, a budget 3-day Kruger safari will cost between US$ 160 and US$ 400 per person per day, while a 7-day safari will range from US$ 274 to US$ 360 per person, per day.

What are the best months to visit Kruger Park? ›

The best time to visit the Kruger National Park is the dry season from May to October for the best game viewing and walking safari conditions. Vegetation is low and sparse at this time of year, making animals easier to spot and track, while the permanent water sources offer a rewarding safari experience in the Kruger.


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