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Salty air, sea breezes and breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean can be yours in an OBX oceanfront vacation rental.offers over 375 beachfront rentals at Nags Head, Kill Devil Hills, Southern Shores, Duck, Corolla and 4x4 beaches. by TwiddyOBX rental on the beachThey range from luxurious villas full of amenities to traditional beachfront family in advanceto experience an oceanfront vacation on the OBX, as oceanfront homes are the most desirable vacation rentals in the Outer Banks.

The main reason tourists have flocked to the Outer Banks for decades is its simple beach charm, and oceanfront vacation rentals give visitors a front-row seat to all the Atlantic action. Finding your Outer Banks waterfront vacation home is easy. Greatregional companiesifWe offer thousands of holiday homes. You must book your waterfront home in the Outer Banks in advance as up to 50% of homes are booked by January each year.

Because the Outer Banks is made up of roughly 150 miles of beach barrier islands from Carova to Ocracoke Island, that means there are nearly 150 miles of beachfront properties to choose from. From secluded cabins in the Carova and Swan Beach regions, only accessible by 4WD, to stately estates along the south shore of Hatteras Island, vacationers are spoiled for choice when it comes to some of the vacation rentals in the hottest locales. comfortable and desirable vacations in the world. Beach.

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Plan an Outer Banks vacation with style, views and a scenic setting that incorporates the region's most beloved resourcesApartment on the beach. After an early morning sunrise over the ocean, or a full week of quick commutes to and from the beach, you'll be glad you've picked one of the best locations in the Outer Banks for your perfect beach vacation.

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Sea views and direct access

The official definition of "coast" is simple, but may vary by region. A beach house is classified as a house with no property or building lots between the house and the beach; However, based on regional building codes and dune systems, this means that a house can be as little as 10 meters or as much as 100 meters from the sea, depending on the area.

For example, in the region of the three villages of Rodanthe, Waves and Salvo, where the shoreline between the building's property line and the sea itself is managed by the National Park Service as part of the shoreline. Cape Hatteras National, distance to beach can vary widely. In Rodanthe, where coastal erosion is a common problem, a beachfront holiday home can be just meters from the tide line, with direct access to the surrounding beaches. Meanwhile, the small town of Salvo, a few miles to the south, has been more or less spared from oceanic erosion by a system of twin dunes dotted with beautiful beach grass, and hence these seaside homes are only two minutes away. from far. Stay away from the real sea flush.

Regardless of proximity, however, a waterfront home offers open, unobstructed views of the Atlantic Ocean without other buildings or developments interfering with the view. One of the great things about the Outer Banks is the simple fact that while there is a small cluster of beachfront hotels and motels, particularly in the bustling centers of Nags Head, Kill Devil Hills and Kitty Hawk, the rest of the islands remain developed. exclusively of holiday homes, so visitors can find a peaceful and picturesque place to enjoy a private beach holiday, serene and feeling that nothing stands between the holiday party and the expansive sea views.

Many beach vacation rentals also have private or shared walkways that lead directly from the home or community to the beach. These paths can consist of simple sandy paths or easily walkable sidewalks, with benches or esplanades along the route to catch your breath and enjoy the panoramic view over the dunes. The vacation rental company you choose can tell you where the local boardwalks or walking paths are and what the terrain is like in general.

As previously mentioned, the views are exceptional from practically every level of the house, although the top level is certainly the most panoramic, with sea views that can encompass the entire coastline. With this, local builders and developers have built beach houses where the main living level is on the top floor, also known as the "inverted floor plan", and most Outer Banks oceanfront vacation rentals share this characteristic. This means that the main level of the home where families retreat - the living room, dining room and kitchen - is strategically positioned to take advantage of the best views in the home, allowing everyone to relax with that view. ocean in the background.

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Virtually all regions of the Outer Banks haverental housesavailable, although the northernmost regions of Currituck's 4WD Beaches don't have many waterfront properties and the city of Ocracoke has none at all due to its location next to Silver Lake Harbor. However, visitors by ferry can find luxury beachfront accommodations anywhere from Corolla to the southern limits of the village of Hatteras, and these homes range from simple beachside cottages to resort-quality properties.

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Beachfront apartments of all sizes

There are a handful of 3-4 bedroom cottages and beach boxes along the coast, but most of the beachfront cottages are some of the best in the Outer Banks. These homes are essentially luxury homes with all the amenities needed to transform a typical vacation into a resort quality experience. Amenities include private pools, oceanfront hot tubs, game rooms, movie theaters, and large living rooms and patios that take advantage of the proximity to the ocean and showcase Atlantic views in style.

The largest of these houses can have 8, 10 or even 12 bedrooms, depending on the area, and can accommodate groups of 20 or more people. With multiple suites, spacious kitchens with two appliances, and plenty of living rooms, sitting areas, lofts, and other "halves" to spend some time away from the crowds, these homes are more reminiscent of a hotel, except you know, and so everyone else, the others Customers are by the sea.

Of course, holidaymakers wanting a more basic beach holiday will also find a handful of small beach cottages in the 3 to 4 bedroom range. There are also several beachfront condos, particularly on Hatteras Island, that are suitable for couples and groups of 4 or less. Unlike other vacation destinations, these condominiums are small, quiet, and offer access to relatively uncrowded beaches, so guests always feel like they're on vacation in their own private paradise.

From quiet one and two bedroom condos to sprawling private estates, vacation rentals and accommodation along the Outer Banks vary widely, and with good reason. With over 150 miles of shoreline, it's easy to find accommodations for groups of all sizes and styles, so visitors will have no problem finding a beachfront vacation rental that feels like it's tailor-made for them.

Weekly cost for the beach condo

Because beachfront condos have the best access and views of the beach, they're also typically in the higher price bracket. However, the weekly cost of a vacation rental, even a large one, is typically the same as a nightly rental at a beach hotel or motel, or even less, depending on the location, amenities, and number of bedrooms involved.

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Visitors to the Outer Banks who have more schedule flexibility can also look into mid- and off-season vacation rentals. Many vacation rentals in the Outer Banks have prices that fluctuate depending on the popularity of different times of the year, meaning summer prices are highest from late June to early August, with prices falling over the course of those summer weeks. An off-season week in October can cost half the price of a week on the 4th of July, and yet the home amenities and features remain the same for visitors.

If your idea of ​​a great vacation in the Outer Banks revolves around multiple trips to the beach, an oceanfront vacation rental is your best bet for making the most of the secluded, scenic shoreline.

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Beachfront condos - popular for good reason

One of the biggest advantages of a vacation rental by the sea is clearly its proximity to the beach. Most oceanfront homes have boardwalks leading directly to the ocean that are either private or shared with other neighbors in a community. That means a trip to the beach can easily be broken up with a run to eat or drink, a trip to the bathroom, or some other commute home that can be completed in minutes. This location also helps with transporting gear to and from the water and for family members who may have difficulty walking long distances to get to the beach.

The other benefit, of course, is the beach view, since nothing stands between the house and the ocean except for healthy accumulations of sea oats, an oceanfront vacation rental can offer some of the best views in the Outer Banks. . Keep in mind that most Outer Banks waterfront vacation rentals have an inverted floor plan, meaning the upstairs living, dining, and kitchen areas, where all family members gather, have the best views of the Atlantic.

Additionally, most oceanfront homes have equally spacious terraces that take advantage of the proximity to the ocean, offering incredible views and sea breezes that those who reside locally can easily enjoy. Typically, the terrace of a vacation rental by the sea extends over the entire level of one floor and is on several levels. It's the ideal spot to curl up with a morning cup of coffee and watch the sun rise over the ocean waves. This little routine is an annual tradition for frequent visitors to vacation rentals by the sea, and often marks a great start to a fun-filled day on the Outer Banks.

Tips and tricks for renting a house for rent on the beach

  • For vacationers with mobility issues, a beachfront vacation rental may be the best way to get to the beach. Check with your property manager for approximate distances to shore and nearby accessible boardwalks and ramps. Many small condos also have handicap accessible ramps, making a trip to the beach an easy task for everyone in the group.
  • Staying in an oceanfront vacation rental in the off-season is not only affordable, but can also be one of the best times of year to see some of the Outer Banks' most popular wildlife. Dolphins and porpoises make regular walks along the shore from November to February, and beachgoers have front-row tickets to the show. Keep your eyes peeled in the ocean regions beyond the waves, especially during the winter months, for the telltale signs of dark fins that sporadically emerge from the ocean to take advantage of the dolphins' annual migration.
  • While beach access may be private, the beach itself is owned by the community; therefore, seaside holiday renters should know that they share the shoreline with several neighboring families. The good news is that space is generally not a problem on the Outer Banks as there is plenty of sand to work around. large hotels or communities that may also visit the same beach.
  • Keep a calculator handy when comparing beachfront accommodations. In the Outer Banks, a multi-bedroom oceanfront vacation rental for weekly rentals is usually accompanied by an overnight stay in an oceanfront hotel. Guests will also enjoy the conveniences of a kitchen, dining room, bonus rooms such as game rooms, theaters and lofts, as well as countless entertaining amenities. Do your research ahead of time and once you've made your reservation you'll be satisfied that you've gotten the best bang for your buck in the Outer Banks.
  • Make sure you explore your options. In the Outer Banks, each beach differs only slightly in terms of population, sea temperature, and general environment. Enjoy the beach in front of your house, but for a completely different vantage point, explore a public beach just north or south of your oceanfront vacation rental to see just how much Banks' exterior surroundings can change. a few miles
  • Just as every beach is different, so is every neighborhood. At Nags Head, visitors can visit Millionaire's Row, a quaint cluster of cedar cottages with wraparound porches reminiscent of the good old days of the Outer Banks, while sea lovers can stay in Hatteras Village in the beachfront villas of Hatteras Estate for sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Pamlico Sound. Every community is different, and newcomers are encouraged to speak with the guest service specialists at local property management companies to determine which accommodations meet their expectations.

A beach condo is a great property for a reason. On the Outer Banks, renting a beach house or condo means there are no barriers between you and the beach and you can enjoy your own retreat miles from the rest of the world.

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Visitors who love the sea and want to watch the sunrise in the morning and play on the beach in the afternoon should consider a vacation rental by the sea. Available in all sizes and easily customizable to suit every taste, budget and specification, an oceanfront vacation rental is the best way to experience the heart and soul of the Outer Banks - the sparkling beaches and miles of Atlantic Ocean. .

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Salty air, sea breezes and breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean can be yours in an OBX oceanfront vacation rental.offers over 375 beachfront rentals at Nags Head, Kill Devil Hills, Southern Shores, Duck, Corolla and 4x4 beaches. by TwiddyOBX rental on the beachThey range from luxurious villas full of amenities to traditional beachfront family in advanceto experience an oceanfront vacation on the OBX, as oceanfront homes are the most desirable vacation rentals in the Outer Banks.


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